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Print: 27 March 2015, 18:03
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27 March 2015, Friday
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Rules of excess luggage transportation

№ of Zone Routes1 Rates 2
1 Moscow, Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Kiev, Riga, San Petersburg, Brest, Grodno, Vilnius; EUR 5.00/ kg
2 Amsterdam, Berlin, Hannover, Milan, Prague, Stockholm, Sochi, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Paris,
Rome, Larnax, Simferopol, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Batumi, Helsinki, Baku, Samara, Kutaisi, Budapest, Belgrade, Geneva, Nice, Krasnodar;
EUR 6.00/ kg
3 Astana, Yekaterinburg, Kostanay, Pavlodar, Tel Aviv,Karaganda, Novosibirsk, Barcelona; EUR 8.00/ kg
Between Zones 1 and 2 EUR 8.00/ kg
Between Zones 1/2 and 3 EUR 10.00/ kg


between San Petersburg/Kaliningrad/Moscow and Baku/Batumi/Yerevan/Tbilisi EUR 6.00/ kg
Between Minsk and Istanbul/Beirut Between Istanbul/Beirut and Zones 1/2/3 1,5% of the highest one way tariff (for one way flight) in the economy class
From Minsk to Ashkhabad
From Ashkhabad to Minsk
EUR 4.00/ kg
USD 5.00/ kg
Between Minsk and Teheran EUR 4.00/ kg
Between Budapest and Belgrade EUR 5.00/ kg
Between Minsk and Cherepovets EUR 1.40/ kg
Between Ashkhabad/Teheran and Zones 1/2/3 EUR 8.00/ kg
1In case of transportation with a complicated route where two or more carriers participates the transportation cost of 1 kg of excessive luggage is calculated as 1,5% of the officially one way tariff published by the International Association of Air Transport (IATA) for the corresponding route.

2 The tariffs indicated will be applied when the flight is performed by the Belavia.