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How to buy ticket on the web-site

Our online reservation service makes booking your ticket easy, flexible and quick. Ticket reservation is available at any time convenient for you, since our website works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There’s no need for queuing and the whole booking process should take no longer than 10 minutes. Choose a suitable tariff rate from all those advertised; information on tariff rates, special offers and discounts is at your disposal.

An E-ticket is a non-paper ticket. There’s no need to go to our airline office; just check-in on departure.

Prior to ticket reservation, we advise you to review the flight timetable. Reservations are made on the tab ‘Booking ticket’.

Please note you have a 15 min limit on each page for data input.

Route selection.

To choose a flight route, you can use one of two methods:
  1. Select departure and destination cities directly in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ drop-down lists, respectively.
  2. Use a flash-map.
    When the cursor is over a city name, the map shows lines identifying departure routes for the city. To select a route, click first on a departure city (the name entered in the ‘From’ box) and then, on the destination city (the name in the ‘To’ box). The selected cities on the map will be joined by a line.
Next, choose ‘One-way’ or ‘To and from’ and specify departure/return dates. To do this, you can use the calendars below or select a date, month and year from the drop-down lists.

Note! Departure date/time cannot be earlier than 12 hours of the current date. The return date cannot be earlier than the departure date..

A single reservation cannot be made for more than for five passengers.

When choosing the number of passengers, please bear in mind that the passengers are grouped within four categories: ‘Adults’, ‘Young people’, ‘Children’, and ‘Infants’ (place the cursor over a passenger group title to see detailed information on grouping criteria). Youth discounts must be booked as a separate reservation. One adult can accompany no more than 1 infant and 3 children. Two adults can accompany 2 infants and three children in one reservation.

After you have selected your route, you departure and return dates and have specified the number of passengers, click the ‘Book’ button. If all boxes are complete, the system will search for possible flights. If a box is empty, the system will return an error message indicating the title of the empty box. Flight search is conducted by specified departure/return dates ± 3 days. If suitable flights are found within this date range, the system will forward you to the next page – ‘Flight Selection’. If no flights are found, the system will return an error message asking you to specify another date.

Flights and tariffs.

After you have selected a route, the ‘Route Selection’ page will open, allowing you to choose your flight and tariff.

For each flight, the table specifies departure/arrival dates, the international codes identifying the two airports connected by the flight (a key to these international airport ID codes is below the table), flight numbers and tariff rates by class.

To choose a flight, select a tariff rate. Below the table, you will see a total for all of your passengers and an appropriate amount due (in Euros).

The right side of the page displays the rules of tariff rate application, with opportunities and restrictions.

To correct dates, there is no need to return to the previous page. Use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons beside the date in the table heading.

After you have chosen a flight and a tariff rate, click the ‘Next’ button.

Viewing a route.

On the ‘Viewing a route’ page, view your selected route and tariff rates once more. Check the date and time of departure and arrival, the departure and destination airports and the total for tariff rates and charges (in Euros). You can also review the Advice to International Flight Passengers on Limitation of Liability and Notification of Baggage Liability Limitations.. Before going to the reservation payment page, we recommend you view the rules applicable to tariffs, general transportation terms and the air carrier’s liability limitations for air accidents.

After you have reviewed the information on your selected route, and other data, check the acknowledgement box and click the ‘Next’ button to reach the reservation payment page.


The ‘Payment’ page displays information on the route you have chosen. It will request that you enter data on passengers by filling in a form. Please, use Latin letters to provide the necessary information.
Note! Failure to submit correct information on passengers can be grounds for refusal of carriage.

Data entered in the ‘Surname’ and ‘Name’ boxes must be in exact compliance with the data specified on passengers’ passports. If you are a frequent flyer programme member, enter your personal number in the ‘FFP number’ box.

When entering passport data, be sure that the passport will be valid for your flight dates.

When entering data on infants or children in the ‘Passport number’ and ‘Valid until’ boxes, provide their passport details, respectively.

An acknowledgement of your reservation will be sent to the E-mail address specified in the ‘E-mail’ box.

In the ‘Phone number’ box, specify your country code and the phone number we can use to contact you in case of difficulties.

After filling in all the boxes as requested, check for mistakes. If the data is correct, check the acknowledgement box and click the ‘Next’ button.
Pay for your reservation at a Belavia ticket office or via the ‘Raschet’ System (automated cash admission system within the territory of the Republic of Belarus).

For detailed instructions on air transportation payment through the ‘Raschet’ System, including WebMoney and EasyPay online payment, and obtaining a passenger receipt for your E-ticket, visit:
Note! In case of software failure when making a payment, immediately contact our support service: +375 (17) 220 25 55 email:


After successful completion of the reservation payment procedure, you will be forwarded to the ‘Confirmation’ page – the final step of ticket reservation. This displays all the information relating to your reservation.

In the right-hand upper corner, you will see your reservation number, which you can use to check your current reservation status on the ‘Reservation Status’ page.

We recommend that you print the page and take it, with your passport, for check-in. Online printed reservation acknowledgement and that received by E-mail are of equal effect.

If you have difficulty in printing the page, simply write down your reservation number, the flight date and flight number.

You have successfully reserved your ticket(s).

Thank you for using Belavia services.
We wish you a comfortable flight!