ADM Policy for Travel Agents

Belavia - Belarusian Airlines is publishing its policy on Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) to Travel Agents to give a clear understanding of the circumstances under which ADMs will be issued and its Dispute management Policy.

ADM Issuance

  1. ADMs are raised for errors on issuance and use of Belavia - Belarusian Airlines traffic documents for one or more of the following reasons listed below:

    • Fare Calculation error
    • Fare Rule violation
    • Under-collection of Taxes and Fee
    • Incorrect Reissues&Extra Charge/Penalty collection error
    • Incorrect Refunds & Refund fee collection error
    • Commission error for issued/reissued tickets
    • Recall Commissions for refunded tickets
    • Rule violation for issue/refund vMPD/EMD/TKT
    • Booking Class vs. Ticketing class error
    • Unreported tickets
    • Credit card transactions with no approval code.
  2. ADMs will be raised via BSP link within nine months of the final travel date.
  3. Belavia - Belarusian Airlines may include more than one transaction on any ADM if the reason for the charge is the same. A list or reference will be provided.
  4. For agents of BSP Russia for each ADM or ACM submitted due to commission errors for issued/reissued/refunded tickets, an agent will be charged a fee of EUR 10 to be paid in RUB at the Russian Central Bank official Exchange rate on the date of its publication in BSP link.
  5. ADMs are raised for violations of the rules set out in the GDS Booking Policy:
    GDS Booking Policy.
  6. Credit Cards Acceptance and Chargeback
    The Agent may accept cards as payment for ticket sales on behalf of Belavia – Belarusian Airlines whose ticket is being issued, subject to the Rules and Procedures outlined in IATA Resolution 890 and in chapter 9 and/or 14 of the Billing and Settlement Plan manual for Agents.
    The Agent shall ensure that the type of card processed during the sale is accepted for payment by Belavia - Belarusian Airlines whose traffic document is being issued. At present Belavia - Belarusian Airlines accepts following credits cards in following BSP:
    • BSP Germany (American Express – no agent’s commission is provided);
    • BSP France (Visa, Master Card).
    The Agent is responsible for checking the validity of the credit card and to ensure that the cardholder’s signature is provided as well as ensuring that the card is accepted for payment by Belavia - Belarusian Airlines. Belavia - Belarusian Airlines will charge the Agent by means of an ADM for incorrect credit card type usage or if payment by credit card was made in BSP where credit cards are not accepted.
    No card issued in the name of the Agent, or in the name of a person permitted to act on behalf of the Agent, or in the name of the Agent’s Office (partner or employee), shall be used in connection with the sale of the air transportation on behalf of Belavia - Belarusian Airlines to any customer of the Agent. Belavia - Belarusian Airlines reserves the right to issue an ADM when abusive usage of a credit card in the name of the Agent and in connection with air transportation sale for any customer of the Agent is detected.
    In case Belavia - Belarusian Airlines is debited by the credit card acquirer for a fraud case, a purchase rejection by the passenger or credit card misuse on a ticket issued by the Agent, Belavia - Belarusian Airlines will charge the Agent for the cost.
    Refunds of a total unused or partially used ticket shall only be refunded on request of the passenger and only to the credit card number which has originally been used for payment. Refunds will be processed according to the refund rules of the issued tariffs, and only if in line with fare rules and only for unused tickets or the unused portion of a ticket.

ADM Dispute Procedure

  1. In case the agent wants to object ADM, the agent is requested to provide the airline with full supporting documentation about ADM within 30 working days of receiving it.
  2. Verbal authorization will not be accepted as a valid reason for dispute.
  3. Any unsupported dispute will be disregarded.
  4. Agents should use BSP link Dispute facility when querying ADM to halt the billing of the ADM while dispute is being investigated.
  5. Belavia - Belarusian Airlines will make a decision within 60 days of the receipt of dispute as per local BSP procedure.

Agency Credit Memos (ACMs) are applied on following cases:

  1. Adjustment of cancellation penalty, refund charge – request should be send via BSP link only.
  2. Adjustment of ADM - request should be send via BSP link only.
  3. Adjustment of incorrect commission - request should be send via BSP link only.
  4. Ticket refund - ACM’s will be issued by Belavia in case when passenger cant receive a refund from agent and applying to Belavia for refund.
  5. Refund of deposit for group.
  6. For the purpose of settling of other adjustments to agent account via the BSP.

Belavia will not accept the request of ACM issuance after 1 year of the original ticket issuance.

Agent has to submit ACM with all supporting documents and details clearly explained for the smooth processing of the ACM.

Agent should send Request within 60 days of respective billing cycle with their BSP. B2 will not accept any ACM received after 60 days of the BSP respective billing cycle.

The minimum value of a single ACM shall not be less than 20.00 EUR, 20.00 GBP, 20.00 USD or equivalent currency 20.00 USD in local markets.

Belavia will deduct an administrative charge of 15.00 EUR, 15.00 GBP, 15.00 USD or equivalent currency 15.00 USD in local markets of the total calculated ACM amount.


  1. Dispute period for agents is 15 calendar days from the date of issue.
  2. In case of disagreement, the agent is obliged to contact the Belavia within the dispute period through BSP link.