VISA Belavia - BPS-Sberbank

VISA Belavia - BPS-Sberbank

It is so convenient to pay for goods and services by a credit card! But now it is also profitable! For every 1 Euro (or its equivalent in another currency) you spend using VISA Belavia - BPS-Sberbank Card, 1 point will be entered in your account of a Program member.

VISA Belavia - BPS-Sberbank Card can be issued in any Branch of BPS-Sberbank JSC in the Republic of Belarus, if you present your passport and “Belavia Leader” Program Member Card. You can also fill in an online application for issuance of the card.

If you are not a member of the program yet, register here.

More detailed information is available on the bank’s website.

Please focus your attention that the bank has settled a list of operations, for which points are not earned in “Belavia Leader” Program.