Mydutyfree is a service for pre-ordering goods in duty-free shops. It is available for the passengers of Minsk National Airport, Kiev airports «Boryspil»and «Zhulyany», and also other airports (the complete list is specified on the website

The service allows travellers to choose and pre-order goods online. Additionally members of the «Belavia Leader» program receive a discount on the purchase in case of order at the Minsk National Airport. Mydutyfree users save time at the airport before departure: all orders are collected in advance. Travellers simply pick up their purchases after passport control without any queues and waiting.

«Belavia Leader» program members receive 1 point[1] for every 1 euro spent on purchases made with Mydutyfree and an increased discount of 10%[2] in case of order at the Minsk National Airport.

How to receive discounts and points?

  • Select the products on or use the mobile app MyDutyFree.
  • Enter your «Belavia Leader» member ID in the relevant field while placing your pre-order. The discount is calculated automatically.
  • On the day of departure international flight, pick up your order at Mydutyfree pick-up point at the airport and pay for it with an increased discount.
  • The points for purchase will be credited to your «Belavia Leader» account at the beginning of the month following after the month of purchase.

Mydutyfree provides travellers with a unique opportunity to get full information about product range and prices in duty-free store. The service saves not only traveller’s money, but also their time at the airport: everyone can pick up purchases before the departure, no matter how much time do they have.

Mydutyfree is a service for those who prefer comfortable shopping and value their time.

You will find the full information about the service and the catalog at

  1. Points are nonqualifying;
  2. Discount can not extend to some kind of purchases.