Travelling Connect

Earn points when making roaming calls in over 20 countries worldwide with Travelling Connect!

With Travelling Connect you can earn extra Belavia Leader points when travelling abroad and making roaming calls on selected networks.

Travelling Connect

Just follow these simple steps:

  • REGISTER once online;
  • Before you leave, check in which countries and on which networks you can earn points;
  • When arriving at your destination county, manually switch your phone to a Partner Network, for example, choose Beeline when in Armenia, Turkcell when in Turkey, Kcell when in Kazakhstan;
  • Make roaming calls on Partner Networks and enjoy up 4 points per each minute of an outgoing call made!

You can earn points in Travelling Connect program irrespective of your country, mobile operator or subscription type. You can also add up to 3 additional telephone numbers to your account.

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Earn miles with your International +372 SIM card in Mobile Miles program

+372 International SIM card is made for use around the world in over 190 countries. It has everything: calls, text messages, MMS, data and other exciting services! Save up to 85% on international roaming charges and earn Belavia Leader miles!

REGISTER NOW and enjoy extra points for your roaming calls!

Here is what you get:

  • 1 bonus point per each minute of an outgoing call
  • 1 bonus point per each minute of an incoming call
  • 100 bonus points simply by signing up (after activating your SIM-card)

All you need to do is purchase an International +372 SIM card, register it once on Mobile Miles website and simply use it each time you travel abroad.