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Internet bonuses Belavia Leader!

In "Belavia Leader" program the new action starts. For the flights booked on Belavia website, 10 %[1] additional non-qualifying points will be added[2]!

We pay your attention that only flights, added to member's account automatically, take part in this action. The following conditions are required for automatic adding points to the account:

  • Belavia Leader member ID should be entered into the booking;
  • Name/surname in the ticket should be completely the same with the member's name/surname, printed on the card.

Additional points won't be added for unaccounted flights, sent to the program after departure.

  1. from non-qualifying points for flight, bonus does not apply to additional points.
  2. the action doesn't extend on members of corporations.


Apply for “Alfa-Belavia” Service and get 75% discount for card annual payment!

27 February 2017 through 31 May 2017 “Alfa-Bank” offers to issue first debit card at special price on condition of applying for “Alfa-Belavia” Service:

  • Visa Classic /MasterCard Standard with Pay Pass technology - 5 BYN /5 USD /5 EUR per year;
  • Visa Gold /MasterCard Gold Pay Pass - 10 BYN/ 10 USD/ 10 EUR per year.

“Alfa-Belavia” Service helps to collect “Belavia Leader” points for card transactions as follows: 1 point (and more) for every 1 Euro you spend.

Additional information on applying for Alfa-Belavia” Service and card issuing on special conditions is available on the bank’s website or by phone 198 / (29/33/44) 733-33-32.

Special offer “Grab it” on purchasing tickets at promo fares is launched for the holders of Alfa-Bank cards with the Alfa-Belavia service activated. More…