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31 May 2013

Belavia-Belarusian Airlines and Airline Company Etihad Airways have signed Code-share Agreement

Belavia-Belarusian Airlines and National Airline Company of the United Arab Emirates EtihadAirways signed a bilateral Code-share Agreement on the 30th of May, 2013.
Due to this Agreement the flights of EtihadAirways on the directions of Minsk- Abu Dhabi –Minsk, Abu Dhabi - Ho Chi Minh - Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi – Melbourne- Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi –Sidney - Abu Dhabi will be performed in cooperation with Belavia. The Belavia flights on the directions from Minsk to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev will be also performed in cooperation with EtihadAirways company.
Etihad Airways company will increase the number of flights on the direction of Abu Dhabi –Minsk- Abu Dhabi from three times in a week to daily operation since June 15, 2013.
Daily through services with Belarusian capital combined with Code-share Agreement have covered a growing demand of passengers as well as strengthened the partnership between Belarus and the UAE.
Moreover due to Code-share Agreement the volume of transit passengers, travelling through Abu Dhabi and Minsk will definitely increase.
“This Code-share Agreement helps to engage a great number of passengers on the flights performed by Belavia and Etihad Airways. This is the first step on the way of cooperation strengthening between two national airline companies”, – said Gusarov Anatoliy, General Director of the Belavia-Belarusian Airlines RUE.
James Khogan, the President and Chief Executive Director of “EtihadAirways”, said: “An increase in flights to daily performance on the route Minsk - Abu Dhabi is a reasonable step caused by growing demand, continued by receiving of more aircrafts and our announcement on conclusion of Code-share Agreement with Belavia.
“The route Minsk - Abu Dhabi is one of the main direction within a growing global net and we believe that our collaboration with Belavia will accelerate further re-enforcement in business as well as in tourist flow not only between the UAE and Belarus, but also within the direction through Abu Dhabi and Minsk”.
Moreover Belavia and Etihad Airways intend to continue their approach within the nearest months, including integration of Frequent Flayer Programs of Etihad Guest and Belavia Leader, as well as the access to premium airport halls for the clients of both companies and extension of Code-share Agreement.
Etihad Airways company began to perform flights to Belarusian capital in August, 2008 and has transferred since then approximately 105,000 passengers between two cities.
The UAE is a major trading partner of Belarus within Persian Gulf countries. In 2012 the volume of Belarusian export to the UAE made up to 20.8 million US dollars, which is on 21.9% more than in 2011, while import aspect from the UAE to Belarus was 17.1 million US dollars, which is on 102.5% more, than in 2011.
Recently Etihad Airways company has simplified the process of the UAE visa receiving for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus due to on-line visa center.
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