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06 October 2014

The results of work of the airline "Belavia" in September 2014

Today the airline "Belavia" summed up the results of work in September and the first nine months of 2014. They testify to the sustainable development of the airline and to the growth of its business performance.

Last month, the airline delivered 220,190 people to the points of destination, which is 18.5% more than in September last year. Altogether during 9 months of 2014 the number of passengers carried by the airline, has reached 1597,396 passengers (122,5% compared to the same criteria in 2013). Last year for the first time the company crossed one and a half million mark in the number of passengers who employed the services of "Belavia" only in November. Such growth became possible due to the flexible policies of attracting transit passengers followed by the airline and Minsk National Airport. "Belavia" continues increasing the volume of traffic through the base airport at the highest tempo and on September 25 on a flight from Moscow it brought the two-million passenger of the National Airport "Minsk". "Belavia" joined the congratulations and expressed a willingness to work on the development of the results.

Airline passenger traffic in September increased by more than 20% as compared to 2013 and amounted to 358,091 passenger-kilometer. Compared with last year's period the volume of cargo and mail transported from January to September 2014 increased by 7.5% and reached 2,339 tons indicator.

In September, the airline continued expanding its service on selling tickets to "Belavia" flights and flights of partner airlines under special prorate agreements. This service was first provided to passengers of the airline in July in order to meet the wishes and increase convenience for the passengers who travel actively and prefer to buy tickets via the Internet. The airline "Belavia" ensures that the purchase of tickets on the official website is a reliable way of travelling, because the tickets are sold only to the partners' flights.

On September 15 "Belavia" increased the frequency of flights between Minsk and St. Petersburg to 3 times per day. This offer may be interesting both for business passengers, whose number on this direction is increasing every year, and for tourists who decided to spend their vacation in the northern capital of the Russian Federation.

Besides that, in September, the airline successfully conducted the campaign "Oktoberfest with" Belavia ". Our customers were offered special prices for flights to Berlin, Frankfurt and Hannover.

Assessing the results of 9 months, the CEO of the airline "Belavia" Anatoly Gusarov said: "We are pleased with the results of sustainable development of the airline. We plan to continue maintaining the set pace of the growth of business performance. Special thanks to our passengers who have opted for "Belavia".

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