Belavia news

25 April 2016

Privileges of Belavia boarding pass: exclusive discounts for tours from “Amsterdam at 15:15”

Welcome to Amsterdam! We offer you the best way to get acquainted with the city: most iconic places, useful advice and fascinating modern life! With Belavia boarding pass you get all this with discounts:

20% discount for the walking guided tour around Amsterdam (in Russian). Its normal price is EUR 15, for Belavia passengers – EUR 12. The guide waits for you every day at 15:15 at the main entrance to Amsterdam Central Station. The discount is valid until 01 July 2016.

10% discount for the six hour automobile/walking guided tour to the tulip park Keukenhof (in Russian). Its common price is EUR 50, but for Belavia passengers – EUR 45, and the price includes entrance tickets to the park. The tour takes place every day until the closure of the park on 16 May 2016. The discount is valid as long as the park is open.

The discounts start from 26 April and are offered one time per boarding pass per person. With one boarding pass you can get discounts for both tours – you just need to show it before you pay for the tour. The boarding pass remains with you (the passenger). You can learn more about the tours and make a reservation on the website of the project “Amsterdam at 15:15" - Reservation for the trip to the tulip park Keukenhof is obligatory as the number of seats is limited.

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