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Print: 26 September 2016, 03:09
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26 September 2016, Monday
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Modification of personal information

How to change phone number, postal address, passport information or email in the program?

How to change Surname/Name after marriage/divorce etc.?

Authorization, receiving/recovery of the password

How to get a password to get access to the Personal account?

I don’t remember the answer to the secret question

I can’t generate the password

I don’t remember my login and password

Questions about points crediting

I registered in the program, but the points are not credited to my account anyway.

I don’t have the number of my plane ticket left, and without it I can’t add information regarding an unaccounted flight in my personal account.

Why don’t I get points for the flights taken by members of my family?

Are the points credited for flights with a flight of an airline company-partner?

Questions on use of points

What I can spend my points for?

I accumulated a necessary number of points. How can I purchase a ticket for points?

I want to purchase for my points a plane ticket for another passenger.

I want to get for my points a service class upgrade.

Getting a “Belavia Leader” card of an elite level

How to get a silver/golden card “Belavia Leader”?

Privileges of an elite level member

I have a “Belavia Leader” card of the golden level. What is necessary for formalization for my wife/my husband of a card of the silver level?

Why having a “Belavia Leader” card of the golden level I have to pay to change the departure date, although it is my privilege?