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Print: 26 November 2014, 08:11
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26 November 2014, Wednesday
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  • 03 Nov

    The final week of the special offer «Color Therapy» will be in green!

    It's time to take care of your health. «Belavia» offers five destinations that are famous for their health resorts.

  • 28 Oct

    New directions for «Color Therapy» with Belavia!

    Be in trend with "Belavia"! The Week of Fashionable Fuchsia colour is only on the site of the Belarusian airline company! Look for the most current trends in the section "Special offers"! At the time when it's cold and you want something new, we suggest y

  • 17 Oct

    New directions for "Color Therapy" with Belavia!

    "Color therapy" with Belavia continues in yellow! Psychologists believe that yellow is the color of joy! What could deliver more fun than tasty food? We suggest you to explore the cheese traditions of different countries!

  • 10 Oct

    Belavia continues to color therapy!

    We change the color of the week from blue to red! After the blue sea we invite you to plunge into the red river of wine and to feel the atmosphere of the countries where the best wines are produced!

  • 03 Oct

    Belavia holds the color therapy!

    On the eve of the cold season we want to prolong the bright and colorful time and enjoy all colors of autumn! Belavia thought out how to do it! We declare the special offer «Color therapy with Belavia»! Let's decorate the next 5 weeks in different colors!

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