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26 September 2016, Monday
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For firms

In case of differences in language versions of the website, consider the Russian version to be legally dominant.

"Belavia Leader" program provide participation both of individual passengers and organizations. In case your organization desires to become a member of "Belavia Leader" program, you should send to Belavia office an application in a written form.

In application form you should indicate the following information:
  • full name of the organization;
  • legal address;
  • postal address;
  • responsible person;
  • list of company’s employees that use Belavia flights for business trips (organization is responsible for timely informing about any changes in stuff);
  • numbers of "Belavia Leader" members of the employees mentioned above (by the time application is sent, company’s employees should be registered as individual members of "Belavia Leader" program);
  • percentage according to which points will be divided between company’s account and individual account of the member;
After receiving an application form organization is assigned with a participant number of "Belavia Leader" program. Every employee mentioned in the application form is assigned with a corporative number. Organization’s card and corporative cards of the employees are sent to the postal address indicated in the application form.

As a result every company’s employee becomes a holder of two "Belavia Leader" numbers: individual and corporative. When travelling on private business, member of the program presents an individual card and points are credited on the individual account. When travelling on business trips, an employee should present a corporative card. In this case, points received for the flight are divided between individual account of the member and corporative account. Division of the points happens under percentage specified by organization in a written form and is equal for every business traveler. For example, desirable percentage 30% - employee, 70% - organization – points will be automatically divided between individual account of the employee (30%) and general account of the organization (70%). Particularly, organization can put all the points for flights in its corporative account.

Organization that sends its employee to the business trip supervises timely presentation of a corporative card by a program’s member. Belavia sends statement about points credited to the organization’s account every three months.

Points credited to the account of corporation can be used for an award ticket for any employee of the corporation (only by written request).

Responsibility for distribution and use of points, received by the program’s participant for a business trip rests fully with the organization that sends its employee to the business trip.

A person assigned by the organization is responsible for the safety of a secret password at Belavia does not incur a liability for the damage, caused to organization by unauthorized access to the account with the use of a member’s secret password.