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30 May 2015, Saturday
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Your baggage

For securing safety of flights all passenger’s baggage that is planned to be transported by plane must be presented at the check-in for weighting and registration.
Baggage - is the personal things of the passenger, carrying on the board of the airline.
The baggage is classified on:
Cabin baggage (unchecked baggage) – is the personal things of the passenger, that during the flight may be carried into to the passenger cabin by approbation of Belavia Belarusian Airlines and is under control and responsibility of the passenger.

The airline recommends the following articles to be carried into the cabin as a cabin baggage:
  • money, jewelry, precious metals, silver ware;
  • securities and official documents;
  • passports and certificates, medical certificates;
  • medicines;
  • laptops, mobile phones, cameras;
  • keys and valuable articles.
Baggage allowance per 1 person is:

Passenger category Seats quantity Maximum allowable size Maximum allowable weight of one seat
business class 1 must not exceed 50х40х20 сm 12 kg
economy class 1 must not exceed 50х40х20 сm 8 kg

We have gauge in the airport for the check of the passengers baggage dimensions compliance with the baggage allowance.
Belavia does not accept the following articles to be transported as a cabin baggage:
  • things, which practically duplicate weapon (toys, plastic and metallic models);
  • all sharp, cutting and thrust things (knifes, daggers, scissors, knitting needles, shaving blades, manicure kits, etc.);
  • cutlery ( knifes, forks, spoons, corkscrews);
  • task tools ( knifes, hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, darts, saws, including emery boards);
  • sports equipment (bats, golf-clubs, cricket stick, billiard cue, mountain skiing equipment);
  • syringes, including disposable syringes (passengers, who need injections during a flight- diabetics, highly allergic individuals, etc., must present endorsement of a doctor in charge of the case);
  • fire arms and its ammunition.
Cabin baggage, transported by the passenger in the cabin of the aircraft is not included in the free transportation allowance of the checked baggage.

Checked baggage - is the baggage, that the carrier accepts under its own responsibility for its safekeeping and delivery and that is labeled by baggage identification tag. This type of baggage is carried in the baggage compartment.
For security safety the following items and articles are accepted for the transportation limitedly or are not accepted at all as the checked baggage:
  • fire-arms and cold steel of all kinds (including gas and traumatic weapon) without a special permit of competent authorities;
  • explosives, ammunition, illuminative substances and rockets;
  • compressed and liquefied gases;
  • corrodent and oxidizing substances and liquids;
  • solid and fluid inflammables;
  • poisonous substances, poison-gases and irritants;
  • magnetized materials;
  • bags and suitcases, equipped with safety facilities
  • radioactive materials;
  • mercury and other substances and items of analogous characteristics, giving rise to doubts for safety of their transportation, which may be used for arson, explosion or threaten the aircraft passengers and crew security.
Free registered baggage allowance per one person is:

Passenger category Maximum allowable dimensions of one seat ( in packed) Maximum allowable weight ( in packed)
Business class passengers must not exceed 50х50х100 (сm) 30 kg
Premium-economy class passengers (YPRIME, YPRIMEOW) must not exceed 50х50х100 (сm) 30 kg
Economy class passengers must not exceed 50х50х100 (сm) 20 kg
Children aged to 2 years without a separate seat and with 10% of normal tariff ticket payment must not exceed 50х50х100 (сm) 10 kg *
* It is permitted for those, travelling with infants to carry as an excess baggage:
  • one child's folding stroller
  • or one handheld babby bassinet;
  • or one car chair for the newborns
Free baggage allowance is not applicable to:
  • oversized baggage ( weight in excess 30 kg, size exceeding 1,60 m in three dimensions);
  • sporting equipment for skiing, water sports and golf;
  • TV sets, tape recorders and audio, video and household devices in excess of 10 kg;
  • Pets and household birds except for seeing-eye dogs accompanying blind passengers;
  • Flowers, young plants and potherbs in excess of 5 kg;
  • Express mail and parcels in excess of 5 kg.
The transportation of the indicated items is paid according to their real weight regardless of the quantity of the passenger’s luggage.

If the dimensions of 1 piece of baggage exceed 50x50x100 cm it is considered to be an oversized baggage and is accepted for transportation on the flights of the airline only as cargo. The exemption is musical instruments, valuable and fragile goods, which may be accepted for transportation as checked baggage and in the cabin of the aircraft as well by an obligatory prior reservation. .

Musical instruments (if the total weight is not more than 75 kg) should be carried in the cabin on the passenger’s seat. If the size of a musical instrument is beyond of a passenger’s seat then this baggage should be carried on two or more seats. Each separate seat is charged based on passenger’s fare, who carriers this baggage. Excess baggage rules apply to the carriage of oversized musical instruments in the cargo hold of the aircraft irrespective of weight and free baggage allowance.

Sports goods transportation
One set of sports goods is transported with no additional payment in case the total weight of that set and all other luggage does not exceed free luggage allowance in the correspondent service category One set includes the following:
  • Skis: 1 pair of skis + 1 pare of ski poles + 1 pair of ski boots, or 1 snowboard + 1 pair of boots, or 1 pair of water skis, or 1 pair of slalom water skis.
  • Golf: 1 golf bag + clubs, balls, golf boots.
  • Bicycle: non-motorized bicycle, tandem, bicycle for children.
  • Surfing: 1 board, 1 sail, 1 mast.

If the total weight of the luggage (sports goods weight + other luggage weight) exceeds free luggage allowance in the correspondent service category the payment is collected according the rates under transportation regulations for “Excess luggage” for every excess kilogram. Sports goods in quantity of more than one set is not included into free luggage allowance and is paid additionally according the rates under transportation regulations for “Excess luggage” for every kilogram.

Animal transportation
Animals (weight with the container) are not included into free luggage allowance and are paid additionally according the rates under transportation regulations for “Excess luggage” for every kilogram.

Weapons transportation (sports/hunting)
Weapons are not included into free luggage allowance and are paid additionally according the rates under transportation regulations for “Excess luggage” for every kilogram.
Excess baggage - is a part of luggage that exceeds determined free luggage allowance or demands obligatory payment regardless of the allowance determined. Excessive luggage should be reserved beforehand. In case you did not do it, the excessive luggage can be transported only when there is such technical feasibility. The weight of one item should not exceed 30 kg. The information about additional payments for every kilogram of excess luggage is available from here

Receiving your baggage upon arrival. Each piece of checked baggage is labeled by baggage identification tag. You should keep your coupon of baggage tag to receive your baggage in the airport entry.

The airline’s liability for the loss of baggage accepted for carriage without a declaration of value is limited to the sum of 20 USD per 1 kg of checked baggage. Belavia does not accept liability for fragile or perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, valuable personal and business papers, passports and other documents carried as part of checked baggage.