Advertising services

Belavia Belarusian Airlines has exclusive advertising spaces to put up your enterprise’s advertisement. The main advantage of our medium compared to advertising in press, on radio or TV is the duration and steadiness of the contact with the audience- with young, educated, active people, including those in the sphere of purchases, with the income level above the average, moreover, who are ready for perception of advertising messages.

Advertisement on the envelopes for flight tickets.

Envelopes for flight tickets or itinerary receipt are given to a passenger when one comes to the airline company offices for registration of a flight ticket. They are distributed through the airline company offices on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. A passenger who purchased a ticket long before a flight can get an advertisement message, which is printed on the envelope.

The envelope advertisement field: 210 x 115 mm

Minimum amount - 10 000 pieces (distribution period - from 1 to 2 months).

Advertisement on boarding-cards.

A passenger is registered when departing from the airport, and then he / she receives a boarding card, which he / she should keep throughout the whole flight. Every time a passenger goes through control he / she should show his / her boarding card, so he / she should hold it in the arms all the time, which ensures 100% contact with a printed advertisement module. In the future, a passenger can keep the boarding card to himself / herself as a business card with the advertiser's information.

Advertisement field: 203.2 x 82.55 mm

Minimum amount - 250 000 pieces. (distribution period from 3 to 5 months)

Advertisement on moisturizing napkins, cups, etc.

Moisturizing napkins, cups and other items can be used by a passenger while eating, and unobtrusively show your advertisement to a potential customer.

a circulation of 10 000 units.

We are also ready to consider your other options.

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