Spending points

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An award ticket can be issued in two ways:

  1. Online via belavia.by. For issuing an award a member has to log in on belavia.by by using his personal ID and a password. A member has to choose in the form of search of tickets the option "Redeem points". Please be aware that in some cases the program member should pay airport and other taxes, duties and fees (by card on the website).
  2. In the Belavia ticket offices and in the Belavia representative offices abroad. For issuing awards a member has to visit one of the Belavia ticket offices (including the offices abroad) and fill in an application form for award ticket issuing. A passenger should present a passport and a Belavia Leader card. For award seats booking a member can send an application to “Belavia Leader” by e-mail not later than 5 days before departure date.

Please pay attention:

  • Belavia reserves the right to limit seats in the class specially assigned for award tickets.
  • The award ticket can not be issued for code-share flights operated by other airlines.
  • Points for award tickets are not added, flight segments are not considered at qualification to one of the elite tiers.
  • The award service class upgrade may be issued only by a confirmed and paid economy class ticket (class in the paid ticket is only Y or M (Economy Flexible)). The issue of the award service class upgrade for specific flight segments in the ticket is not allowed.

Complete rules of receiving and using «Belavia Leader» awards here.

Points necessary to issue an award from/to Minsk, one way.

  Economy Business Upgrade from Economy to Business
Moscow, St.Petersburg 6000 9000 4000
9000 13000 6000
Kaliningrad, Kazan 11000 15000 7500
Astana, Ashgabat, Baku, Batumi, Dubai, Ekaterinburg, Istanbul, Kutaisi, Makhachkala, Murmansk, Nur-Sultan, Sharjah, Sochi, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Turkmenbashi, Yerevan 14000 20000 9000
Delhi 20000 28000 13000

Flights with departure and destination points other than Minsk

* Economy Business Upgrade from Economy to Business
Gomel-Moscow, Gomel-St.Petersburg, Brest-Moscow 6000 9000 4000

* points are also awarded when flying in the opposite direction.