Hazardous cargo

Dangerous goods are goods or substances which can make threat for passengers’ live or health, flight safety or property safely during air transportation.

Dangerous goods are transported by Belavia aircrafts in strong accordance with requirements of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for transportation of dangerous goods. Air transportation of explosives, arm, ammunition, poison, highly inflammable, radioactive and other dangerous substances and goods are regulated by Technical Instructions for safety transportation of dangerous goods by air. (Dос 9284 - АN/905 ICAO) and by Dangerous Goods Regulations IATA.

Dangerous goods which are not classified properly, not have documentation, not certified, don described, not packed, not marked, not have signs of danger and not in the proper condition for transportation can’t be accepted for international civil transportation by air.

Performing transportation of dangerous goods it’s necessary:

  • to fill in sender’s declaration of dangerous goods
  • to pack cargo in UNO certified or any other package under Technical Instructions
  • to make signs of danger and address titles with sender’s name, recipient’s name, proper shipping name, number by UNO list, other data under Technical Instructions

The sender is responsible that cargo which is prepared for transportation is permitted for air transportation, correctly classified, packed and marked, and that sender’s declaration of dangerous goods is filled in correctly and signed as well.


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