Seat selection

Belavia offers the “Seat selection in the aircraft cabin” service on all scheduled flights.

Background Information on Service

Seat preselection (hereinafter referred to as the service) is providing passengers with the opportunity to choose, at their request, a seat of a certain category in the economy-class cabin of an aircraft.

 The service can be purchased on the website provided that there is a ticket with confirmed booking for BELAVIA own regular flight. The purchase of the service is also possible in the process of purchasing a ticket on the website

The cost of the service depends on the ticket fare, the status of Belavia Leader program member and other conditions and is displayed at the step of choosing the seat.

As part of the service, a passenger is given the opportunity to preselect a seat from one of the following categories: 

Category 1 - Extra Leg Room Seat – a seat in the business-class cabin* for an economy-class ticket, provided that there are no business-class passengers on the flight;

Category 2 - Bulkhead Seat – the 1st row seat in the economy-class cabin located behind the business-class cabin (on planes with the separated business-class cabin).

Category 3 - Exit Row Seat – a seat in the rows that are next to emergency exits with extra legroom;

Category 4 - Front of Cabin Seat – seats in the front of the economy-class cabin, except for the categories mentioned above.

Category 5 - Standard seat – standard seats in the economy-class cabin, except for the categories mentioned above.

* 1st category seats are offered in case of performing a flight by a plane with the separated business-class cabin. The purchase of a 1st category seat does not include any additional services (business-class meals, separate check-in counter, etc.)

The cost of the service is established depending on a seat category, fare used in a ticket, status of a participant in the Belavia Leader program and other conditions.

 The service on regular flights can be ordered no later than:

- 24 hours prior to departure for 5th category seats;

- 2 hours prior to departure for 1st,2nd,3rd ,4th category seats.

24 hours prior to departure, 5th category seats are available for free online registration.

Attention! Purchasing a service does not mean checking in for a flight. Passengers should check in for a flight in a convenient way for them - online, at the self-check-in kiosk (if any) or at the check-in counter at the airport on a first-come first-served basis.

Conditions for providing the “Seat preselection in the aircraft cabin” service for elite participants in Belavia Leader can be found here.

For charter flight passengers, the service is available 24 hours before departure during online check-in at The service is available only on departure from the Republic of Belarus. The system will register free of charge for passengers on charter flights who have not used the service. Passengers who check in at the same time will be provided with a seat next to each other when it is available.

Ordering, Payment and Procedure for the Provision of Services

BELAVIA reserves the right to limit the provision of the service for various types of aircraft and on various routes in accordance with flight safety requirements and technical capabilities, as well as depending on the category of a passenger. 

The service is provided on BELAVIA own scheduled flights. Service fees are charged for the flight segment. 

When changing a schedule, replacing an aircraft, changing the layout of a cabin in order to keep the ordered service for the passenger, BELAVIA automatically changes the reserved seat within the selected category, but does not guarantee reserving the assigned seat number. BELAVIA will take all possible measures to keep the joint boarding of passengers who have booked the service in one reservation. Ordering a service, the passenger agrees to change the seat within the paid category in the above-mentioned cases.

The service is considered to be provided upon the carriage of a passenger in the seat of the reserved category, subject to the payment for the service and registration of the ticket. 

In the event of technical incapability to provide a seat within the paid category, BELAVIA will refund the cost of the service. 

BELAVIA is not obligated to notify passengers of changes in the service associated with the replacement of the type and/or layout of the aircraft without changing the schedule of the aircraft. The passenger can find out about changes in the service when viewing detailed information in the “Booking Status” section on the BELAVIA website or self-registration online. 

Please note that the sale of the service may be limited for certain categories of passengers. For example, the passenger traveling in the seat in the row that is next to an emergency exit should:

- Be at least 18 years old.

- Not travel with an infant and children under 16 years of age.

- Understand and be able to talk in English with the crew about tasks that may be necessary in the event of an emergency evacuation, as well as examine the safety card provided for this purpose.

- To be physically able to find the emergency exit, open it, and also quickly go through it.

- Be prepared to help the crew and other passengers in the evacuation of the aircraft.

- Is not in a condition (caused by age, trauma, weakness, physical or psychological disability, visual or hearing impairment, illness or anything else) that may prevent him/her from the fulfillment of the above-mentioned duties.

- Not to travel with a guide dog or medical assistant.

- Not to need a seat belt extension.

- Not to travel with animals.

If during the process of purchasing the service, the passenger has chosen the seat to which special requirements apply, the passenger will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the airline before the payment for the service. The purchase of such a seat means confirmation of the passenger’s compliance with the stated requirement and consent to them.

Despite the purchasing a seat in the exit row, the crew of the aircraft has the right to demand that you vacate the seat in the exit row if it is deemed necessary in the interest of safety or if you do not meet any other requirements.

Moreover, the cost of the service is not refundable. 

Service Change, Refund

Refund paid for the service is made at the place of purchase of the service upon the passenger’s request. 

The passenger does not change the selected seat after paying for the service. To change the place, a refund and order for a new service is made.

The method of receiving a refund of the cost of the service is determined in accordance with the method of payment for the service upon purchase.

Application for cancellation and refund of a pre-selected seat in the aircraft cabin that was played on Belavia website is here.

Seat selection