Carriage of cargo

Mail and cargo transportation is operated by Mail-cargo department of Belavia in accordance with concluded contract of cargo air transportation.

Charter transportation is operated under charter cargo contract.

Regular mail and cargo transportation are operated on air lines under the stated schedule.

While transporting cargo and mail Belavia uses rules, rates and charges which are valid for the day of issue air waybill.

Belavia operates cargo transportation on its scheduled flights with booking in advance of tonnage and volume. Weight of one piece of cargo must not be in excess of 100 kg, maximum dimensions are to be determined with regard to the type of the aircraft being used.

Flexible structure of cargo rates includes discounts for big weight.

For performing cargo to the transportation it’s necessary to have the following documents:

  • Export license (if needed)
  • Commercial invoices
  • Certificate of goods’ origin
  • Declaration of shipper of goods while transportation dangerous cargo

Information for consignor of goods:

  • Documents necessary for cargo transportation
  • Air waybill, request for cargo air transportation, booking of cargo
  • Packing
  • Payment for transportation
  • Dangerous goods
  • Responsibility of consignor of goods

Air waybill is a document which certifies conclusion of contract for cargo international air transportation between operator and sender and which includes terms of transportation, and accept cargo to the transportation as well. Sender is to give all information and to apply to the air waybill all documents necessary for customs, currency, sanitary, quarantine and other formalities before delivery cargo to the recipient. The operator has right to refuse the transportation of any cargo if sender doesn’t follow the laws, rules and requirements of state organizations or if cargo documents are performed incorrectly.

Shipper's request for cargo booking should contain the following information:

  • Name of cargo, quantity of pieces, total weight and volume
  • Dimensions of each piece
  • Itinerary, flight and date of sending
  • Name and number of document guaranteeing the payment of transportation
  • Particular behavior of cargo which require special terms or precautions while transportation and storage

Consignor of goods is fully responsible for correct information about cargo, its volume, weight and name. Request for cargo transportation is accepted only in writing form by fax number + 375 17 2792074. The operator has no right to fill in cargo data into the request from the words and on behalf of consignor of goods.

Cargo should be packed taking into consideration its behavior in such a way which provides safety while transportation, and excludes the possibility to damage another cargo or property of carrier. For dangerous goods it should be a special packing with title “Dangerous goods”.

Air rates are established per 1 kg of weight..

Rates are applied from departure airport to the airport of destination and don’t include charges for auto transportation, customs performing etc.

Payment for cargo transportation depends on valid rates, weight or volume.

While transportation of volume but lightweight cargo payment is counted on the base of volume of weight. By the way lightweight cargo is cargo which has volume of 1kg more than 366 inch. In this case payment for each 366 inch will be the same as for 1kg.


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