The Baggage of the transfer Passengers

Transportation of Goods for personal use through the Eurasian Economic Union Border

The customs procedures have been simplified in the National Airport “Minsk” for transfer passengers travelling via Minsk.

The transfer passengers travelling from any point outside the Republic of Belarus including the airports of the Eurasian Economic Union states (The Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic) via Minsk have not to get their baggage at the Minsk Airport.

The baggage of the passengers crossing the Eurasian Economic Union Border can be checked-in as transfer baggage only in case when it does not contain the goods that are subject to customs declaration.

The baggage checked-in as transfer baggage shall be subject to customs inspection with the use of technical means without the presence of an individual (passenger).

The passenger bears personal responsibility for the consequences that may arise as a result of the detection of undeclared goods in the course of customs control.

The information on customs regulations and requirements with relation to the carriage of baggage across the customs border of Eurasian Economic Union State, including the conditions, limitations and responsibilities that arise after the luggage has been checked-in as transfer, can be found on the site of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus such as: