Can Belavia provide information about the presence of the passenger on the flight?

This information is confidential, you can only get it by the official request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Can not buy a ticket for child on a site

Children’s ticket issuance on the site is possible only in the same booking with an adult passenger.

Can not check the status of reservations on Belavia site

Unfortunately, the tickets issued by another booking system are not displayed on our site.

Conditions of animals carriage.

Some rules are prescribed for carriage of animals:

When booking or buying a ticket necessarily warn agent /cashier that you will travel with animals, so that they could make a reservation with an appropriate request.

For the request must be reported the following:

  • Weight of the animal together with the cage/container,
  • The cage dimensions (for transportation in the cabin no more than 55x40x20).

You can also indicate your desire to travel with a pet by e-mail: support@belavia.by or by phone +375 17 220-25-55.

Animal freight charge is calculated as an excess baggage in this direction. Transportation of animals is allowed only in the economy class cabin.

Animals whose weight together with the container/cage does not exceed 8 kg are carried by passengers in the cabin.

In case the animal weight together with the container/cage is more than 8 kg it is transported in the luggage compartment.

Number of animals for transport per flight is limited.

Any additional information on the notes and documents needed can be obtained from veterinary inspection service of Minsk Airport, tel. +375 17 279-12-15.

How to change the departure date?

To change the date of departure, you must open "Ticket change via the Internet". Read the terms of change of tickets via the Internet , complete the application form and send to the e-mail address specified . Your request will be processed within an hour, after which you will receive an invoice for payment. After receipt of payment the new ticket will be issued for you and directed to your e-mail.

How to find things forgotten on the aircraft?

For information about lost property found on board an Belavia aircraft upon arrival at National Airport Minsk, please contact:

For information about lost property found on board an Belavia aircraft after flying out of National Airport Minsk, please contact at the arrival airport.

Is the transit visa needed?

According to the information, obtained from National airport Minsk border guard service:

Those passengers, who travel in transit through Minsk, do not need the Belarusian transit visa, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • passengers have a valid passport and valid documents (national passport and/or visa , etc.) required for entry into the country of destination;
  • valid single ticket for the entire route to the destination point;
  • stay in Minsk does not exceed 24 hours and the passenger does not leave the so-called airport transit zone.

For more information on Belarusian visas refer here. For official updates it is recommended to contact the Minsk Airport Consular Service directly , tel. + 375 17 279-20-58

Request on an invoice for a ticket purchased on the site

When purchasing a ticket online passenger/customer receives the following documents:

  • Payment confirmation with the cost stated.
  • Itinerary receipt.
  • These documents together with the boarding pass shall be delivered to accounting department.

What determines the price of tickets?

The price of tickets depends on their availability on a specific date.