Carriage of animals

Carriage of animals

Animals are accepted for carriage only with the advance agreement of the airline and provided pet should be put into the aerate cage (special container/box/basket) with the waterproof bottom.

Carriage of animals should be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. valid veterinary vaccination certificate;
  2. microchip;
  3. pet’s passport.
  4. veterinary certificate which must be obtained from head veterinarian of a city or region of veterinary service department. The passenger should apply to the Smolevichi frontier veterinary control post at the Minsk National Airport (tel .: + 375-17-279-16-90, + 375-17-279-12-15) with the animal and provide the necessary documents for receiving a note of their availability and permission to transportation.

    For obtaining additional information on the certificate issuance, contact to the Government Veterinary supervision by the phone + 375-17-233-80-99, or at the local veterinary service department.

    It is passenger’s responsibility to prepare and proved all the necessary documents.

Pets under 3 months are not accepted for the carriage.

We pay your attention that there are strict rules for import of animals or even interdiction in some countries, that is why we recommend to inquire about the terms and conditions of traveling with animals in advance.

Observation of the destination country’s laws and rules concerning import of animals is the obligation of the pet’s master.

Belavia - Belarusian Airlines is not responsible for injury of the animal caused by its own behavior and the failure of the master to comply with the rules and laws of the destination country.

The transportation of live animals as cargo, luggage, carry-on baggage from the Republic of Belarus to the points on the territory of Great Britain (London, Manchester) on BELAVIA flights IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

The return transportation of live animals from Great Britain to the Republic of Belarus on BELAVIA flights is permitted.

Please, for more information please, address to the representatives of the airline..

Transportation of animals in baggage and hand luggage - tel. (375 17) 220-25-55, e-mail:

Transportation of animals as cargo - tel. (375 17) 279-20-74, e-mail:

New requirements of Israel on live animals

  1. Import of pets to Israel is controlled by the Regulations for Animal Diseases (Import of Animals), 1974 (henceforth, "the Regulations"), and according to the guidelines that have been published on the matter.
  2. In the wake of the corona virus (covid-19) outbreak, the government has formulated a new regulation, Regulation for a Time of Emergency (New Corona Virus) (Quarantine instead of Government Quarantine Premises), 2020, that states that any Israeli citizen or resident who returns to Israel must be quarantined in government quarantine premises (henceforth, "hotel") for 14 days unless he received a written approval from the Ministry of Health that he was granted the possibility of alternative quarantine instead of hotel. Entry of pets to these hotels is forbidden. Therefore, in order to prevent the abandonment of pets who have arrived in Israel, it has been decided to further regulate the entry of pets to Israel.
  3. Listed below are the guidelines derived from the decision:
    • All pets flaying to Israel must obtain a written approval letter from the veterinary services at Ben Gurion Airport, In order to receive permission to load the animal onto the aircraft, please contact the offices of the Veterinary Services at Ben Gurion Airport by telephone at 03-9792240 or via email at
    • All pets owner that must quarantined in government quarantine premises, require an import permit according to regulation 2(a) of the Regulations. c. In order to obtain an import permit, or in case that the pet owner must be quarantine in hotel, the traveler/importer will have to supply all details (name, complete address, contact details – landline telephone, mobile phone, and email) of the person or organization which will care for the animal during the entire time the traveler is in quarantine in the hotel. In case that the importer received from Ministry of Health a writen exemption from quarantine in hotel and grants him an alternative quarantine place he should submmit it to our office together with all the needed paper work.
    • Dog/cat accompanied by the owner( the owner recived written approval from the Ministry of Health that he/she can stay in home quarantine) don’t need to fly as catgo manifest.
    • In the event that an importer/traveller did not receive from the Ministry of Health an exemption (in writing) from quarantining in a hotel, the Veterinary Services at Ben Gurion Airport will confirm with the person or organization nominated by the importer/traveler to care for the animal while the importer/traveler is in quarantine, that they are willing to take responsibility for the animal for the full time required, and that they will come to fetch the animal from the airport upon its arrival.
    • The animal and importer/traveller must meet all the veterinary health requirements of the Veterinary Services regarding pet imports/entrance.
    • Importers/travelers that have landed at the airport from overseas are not permitted tocome to the offices of the Veterinary Services or the cargo terminal in order to release the animal. Such individuals may employ the services of a customs agent or other private individual who has not been overseas and is not under any movement restrictions.
  4. Pets that arrive in Israel in a manner not in accordance with the above regulations will be confiscated by the Veterinary Services or sent back to the country of origin.
  5. If a pet arrives in Israel in a manner not fitting with the above regulations, legal steps will be taken against the traveler/importer and the airline that brought the animal. The traveler/importer and airline company will also be required to cover all costs associated with returning the animal to its country origin and/or care of the said animal.
  6. These guidelines are valid beginning the 04 th of June 2020 and until further notice. We would appreciate your attention to the matter and your care in acting in accordance with the above guidelines.

Restrictions on live animals transportation to Turkey

  1. Non-commercials consignments (Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Birgds):
    • Official Health Certificate 48 hours before detarture.
    • Microchipping (microchip date before last rabies vaccination is recomended).
    • Blood test results: 30 days after last rabies vaccination. Including rabies free countries. If blood test is not provided, otherwise entry will be rejected. Blood test: if rabies chain is not broken and completed timely, it keep validity.
    • Owner should be travelling on the same flight & date.
    • Only to pets per person are allowed.
    • Puppies and kittens less than 4 month old are not allowed.
    • Animal rooms are available, but animal hotel is not available. Same day clearance depends on the arrival time & date.
    • The following dog breeds are not allowed to enter Turkey: Pit-Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosaya, Dogo Argentino, Pitbull terrier and similar dangerous breeds or mix breeds of such.
  2. Commercial consignments are subject to pre-approval from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Livestock.