Earning points

Earning points

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In the table below are the points credited to the participant’s account for Belavia scheduled flights.

We pay your attention that:

  • points are not credited for charter flights.
  • points are awarded only when flying to the directions specified in the table of earning points
  • points credited only for flights where tickets issued in C,D,Y,R,M,L,K,T,H,Q,V,N,S,U,P,F,J,O,G,B class.
  • points are not credited for flights in I,Z,X,A,W and E class.

100 qualifying points are counted despite the booking class for one-way travel at flight, points of departure, destination and landing of which are located in the territory of the Republic of Belarus (domestic operations). Domestic operations are not counted in case of qualification for the premium level according to segments.


Points quantity credited for flights from/to Minsk, one way.

  Economy Promo Economy Light Economy Smart Economy Flex Business
Moscow, St.Petersburg 150 300 300 450 600
225 450 450 675 900
Kaliningrad, Kazan 275 550 550 825 1100
Astana, Ashgabat, Baku, Batumi, Dubai, Ekaterinburg, Istanbul, Kutaisi, Makhachkala, Murmansk, Nur-Sultan, Sharjah, Sochi, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Turkmenbashi, Yerevan 375 750 750 1125 1500
Delhi 550 1100 1100 1650 2200

Flights with departure and destination points other than Minsk.

* Economy Promo Economy Light Economy Smart Economy Flex Business
Gomel-Moscow, Gomel-St.Petersburg, Brest-Moscow 150 300 300 450 600

* points are also awarded when flying in the opposite direction.