Rules of passengers conduct on board


Occupy a seat in the cabin as per the boarding pass or as per the crew member’s instructions.


Stow hand luggage and personal belongings in specially designated places indicated by crew members.


It’s prohibited create situations that threaten the safety of flight or life, health and personal dignity of other passengers, crew members and the Airline staff, as well as to use threatening, abusive words and/or behave in a threatening, abusive manner with physical violence towards them.


Fasten seat belt when the “Fasten seat-belt” signs are turned on. It is recommended that passengers keep their seat belt fastened at all times.


Consume alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages or beer, except for those served on board the aircraft by the cabin crew (the prohibition on the consumption of alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks or beer applies to goods sold by duty-free shop on board the aircraft).


It’s prohibited smoke on board, including smoking e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems throughout the flight and in the aerodrome area during operations of embarkation on and disembarkation from the aircraft.


Don’t remove from a container (cage) an animal transported in the cabin.


Don’t use any emergency equipment without appropriate directives of the crew members. It’s prohibited damage or destroy any equipment or property of the Airline on board the aircraft and to carry it away from the aircraft.


Don’t block the aisles of the cabin, the space between rows of the seats and at emergency exits.


It’s prohibited take photos and videos of passengers, crew members and Airline’s staff without their permission.


The full text of the RULES of passengers conduct on board the aircraft of “BELAVIA – Belarusian Airlines” and responsibility for the violation can be found here