Rules of conduct for passengers on board

1. General Provisions

  1. These Rules are developed in accordance with The Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft (Tokyo, 1963), the Air Code of the Republic of Belarus, the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Belarus, and on the basis of the relevant requirements and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  2. 2. The purpose of the Rules is to establish the requirements for passengers to ensure flight safety, improve the quality of services provided to passengers, observe public order and prevent the commission of offenses when using the services of the airline.

2. Passengers Rights and Obligations

  1. Passengers have the right:
    1. for the provision of all services of the air carriage provided by the terms of the contract;
    2. 2. In case their lives, health, honor and dignity are endangered, passengers have the right - to contact the aviation personnel and demand protection from them.
  2. Passengers are obliged to:
    1. unconditionally fulfill the requirements of the captain of an aircraft and other crew members;
    2. place hand luggage and personal belongings in specially designated places;
    3. keep the seat belts (seat belts) fastened with the “Check Belts” indicator on (in addition, it is recommended to leave the seat belts fastened during the whole flight);
    4. observe discipline and order on board of the aircraft.
  3. Passengers are prohibited from:
    1. causing situations that threaten the safety of the flight or the life, health, honor and dignity of other passengers, as well as aviation personnel, including any verbal abuse and (or) physical violence against them;
    2. arriving for registration (landing) drunk or being drunk on board of the aircraft, offending human dignity and morality;
    3. drinking alcoholic beverages, except for those offered on board of the aircraft;
    4. smoking on board of the aircraft;
    5. using rescue equipment without appropriate instructions from the crew;
    6. using electronic devices and communication equipment during taxing, taking-off and landing of the aircraft;
    7. creating conditions that are uncomfortable for other passengers and impede the work of crew members;
    8. spoiling the property belonging to the airline and (or) taking it from the aircraft.

3. The authority of the airline’s employees on ensuring the compliance with the Rules by passengers

  1. The captain of the aircraft in order to ensure flight safety has the right to:
    1. give orders and commands that are subject to mandatory implementation to any citizen who is on board of the aircraft;
    2. take all necessary measures, including compulsory measures, against citizens who create by their actions a threat to the safety of the flight of the aircraft and do not obey orders and commands.
  2. A member of the cabin crew (flight attendant) has the right to:
    1. demand the compliance with the Rules from the passenger;
    2. report to the captain of the aircraft on the need to take measures against unruly passengers.

4. Measures taken against passengers who violate the Rules

  1. Depending on the nature of the violations the following measures are taken:
    1. the termination of alcoholic drinks service;
    2. withdrawal from passengers their alcoholic beverages and tobacco products for the duration of the flight (with the subsequent return at the end of it);
    3. removal of passengers from the aircraft board prior to departure or at the nearest point of landing;
    4. transfer of passengers to law enforcement or aviation security authorities;
    5. appeal to the judicial authorities with a claim for damages;
    6. termination of the contract of carriage without refund of the amount paid for transportation;
    7. provision of information about the incident to the mass media, law enforcement bodies and other airlines.
  2. Depending on the national legislation in a number of countries, the following measures can be taken against passengers who violate public order:
    1. fine;
    2. imprisonment;
    3. revocation of visas;
    4. deportation.