Duty Free

Goods are sold in duty free shops exclusively in the presence of boarding pass and passport, confirming the fact that you leave the country. Currently DUTY FREE shops work in Minsk National Airport on a 24-hour basis. Passengers can make purchases prior to flight at international departure areas №№ 3-6.

Duty-free shops are the shops, which are located at crossing points on the Belarusian State Border of airports, that are opened to international traffic. Goods in these shops are sold to individuals, who leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the requirements of the customs legislation of the Customs Union, the sale of goods in duty free shops (Duty-Free) to passengers, who travel to the countries of the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Russia) is not performed.

Goods sold in Duty-Free shops are exempted from customs and excise duties, which leads to a significant reduction of retail prices.

At present the Corporation of companies "Somlen" and "Helena Valerie" represents the largest network of duty-free shops at Minsk National Airport.

A wide range of shops products is constantly updated with new products of world famous brands. The company offers its customers the newest and most up-to-date premium products and selects the best brands, highly rated worldwide. All goods sold by a corporation are only the originally produced ones.

A special place in an assortment is occupied by Belarusian goods. Belarusian leading manufacturers RUE "Kristall", OJSC "Kommunarka", JV JSC "Spartak", JV Winery "Dionys" are represented with a wide product range.

Duty-Free stores system of Minsk National Airport presents in a wide range:

  • Products of Belarusian manufacturers;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Tobacco products;
  • Perfumes, cosmetics;
  • Confectionery;
  • Gourmet products;
  • Accessories (handbags, wallets, sunglasses, jewelry);
  • Toys;
  • Children's clothing.

See the information, including represented brands, you can on the official Minsk National Airport Duty-Free website.

Transportation of liquids in hand luggage by passengers flying to European Union countries is subject to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules:

For direct flights – purchase of liquid and gel substances such as alcoholic beverages, perfumes, lotions in duty free shops is allowed. Purchased goods will be packed in a special transparent plastic bag and sealed.

For transit flights (with transfer in the EU) - liquid and gel substances purchased outside the EU are prohibited for carriage in the hand luggage.

Be careful: before you go to another country, check by the official sources of the latest information on the amount of alcohol, cigarettes and other goods restricted for import, including the Duty-Free shops of the airport of departure.