Booking and ticketing of group transportation

Booking and ticketing of group transportation

Belavia Airlines, OJSC provides an opportunity to make a request for groups of passengers throughout the airline's route network at a special group fare. A special group fare is provided for the groups of at least 10 passengers.

Passengers are considered a group if they travel together on all sections of the route with a single purpose. The route can be in one direction, back and forth, it can include the ground section of the route, as well as the route with the participation of other airlines with which Belavia Airlines has a valid transportation agreement.

Group transportation is booked in economy class of service.

To make a group reservation, you have to send a request form to the e-mail address Within 3 working days after placing the request, airline specialists will contact you.

Main conditions of group transportation on regular Belavia flights

  • Special group fare is provided without taking into account the category of passengers (adults, children under 12 years old). Children under 2 years old (infants) are not provided with seats in the cabin of the aircraft. A special fare for children under 2 years old is provided in the amount of 10% of the special group fare.
  • Special group fare is provided in euro.
  • Special group fare is calculated individually for each requested group based on commercial factors. It depends on the availability of seats on the flights and the special group fare may be higher than the fare of one ticket sold online on Belavia website.
  • At customer’s request the special fare can be provided either with the included checked baggage allowance or without the included checked baggage allowance.
  • Minimum residence time at destination is not limited.
  • Maximum residence time at destination is 6 months.
  • An advance payment is obligatory to guarantee a group booking. The advance payment is from 10% to 50% of the special group fare provided, depending on the number of days from the date of confirmation of the seats in the reservation to the date of departure of the group. The advance payment is not refunded in case of the refusal of the customer, as well as in case of the number of passengers in the group decrease.
  • In case of booking of a group with the participation of other airlines it is necessary to wait for the confirmation of seats on the route operated by another airline. Terms of payment and ticketing may be changed.
  • Advance payment, full payment of the fare and air tickets issuance are made within the time limits determined by the airline. Payment form must be one: it is possible by non-cash or cash settlement.
  • In case the advance payment and full payment of the fare are not made within the specified time limits, the group booking is cancelled.
  • The list of passengers for ticketing is provided in the established by the airline format before the ticketing issuance. A sample table for entering passenger passport data List of passengers.
  • Air tickets are issued after receipt of full payment for the group to the airline’s settlement account (in case of non-cash and cash settlement).
  • Return of air tickets before departure is made with a penalty.
  • After the beginning of the flight the air ticket cannot be refunded. Unused taxes and airport fees are subject to refund.
  • In case of no-show the passengers who didn’t depart on the first segment of the route are not allowed to transportation on the next segments of the route due to violation of the order of flight coupons.
  • Change of departure date before and after transportation is prohibited.
  • Replacement of passenger in the group after ticketing is possible with a penalty.
  • No free ticket is provided to the group leader.

Basic baggage transportation conditions for groups on regular Belavia flights

Passengers of group booking are guaranteed free baggage allowance: 1 piece of baggage must not exceed 23 kg with the maximum permissible dimensions in the amount of 3 measurements no more than 158 cm, hand luggage must not exceed 10 kg with dimensions no more than 55x40x25 cm.

Passengers of group booking without included baggage allowance are guaranteed free baggage allowance: hand luggage must not exceed 10 kg with dimensions no more than 55x40x25 cm.

Transportation of excess baggage and special categories of baggage must be declared simultaneously with the application for transportation of the group. In case the group booking request contains special baggage categories, the airline provides a special group fare, taking into account the amount of baggage carried by the group of special categories.

At the same time, the carriage of excess baggage and special categories of baggage, which was not declared at the time of booking of the group and is not included in allowance of free baggage, is carried out for a fee at the rates established by the airline.

Baggage, which belongs to special categories of baggage carried on regular flights of the airline, can be found on the airline's website in the section Your baggage.

If baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance by number, weight and size, the cost of baggage is considered as the sum of the rates for each excess.

Payment for transportation of extra, oversized, heavy-weight baggage, as well as special categories of baggage in group reservations is possible for cash from authorized agents who issue air tickets for group customers, at Belavia air ticket sales offices, at reception desks at Minsk National Airport, as well as for non-cash settlements at Belavia air ticket sales offices.