How to buy ticket on the web-site

How to buy a ticket on a website

An internet reservation service makes a ticket booking procedure more comfortable, flexible and quick.

One can book a ticket at any convenient time: our website works 24 hours 7 days a week. You don’t have to stand in a queue – the whole ticket booking procedure will take not more than 10 minutes. The website has all effective rates, special offers and discounts.

The usage of an electronic (paperless) ticket is very practical and saves precious time. It’s not necessary to go to the office of an air company in order to get a paper ticket before the flight, you can go straight to a registration desk on the date of a flight.

Before booking, we advise you to have a look at a flight schedule. Please, be aware that data input is limited to 15 minutes on every web page.

In order to indicate a flight route, choose city names of departure and arrival from a pull-down list of fields “From” and “To” respectively.

Then choose a menu option “One way” or “Roundtrip” in accordance with your wish, and indicate a departure / return date.

Note! The date of a return flight can’t be earlier than a date of departure.

A ticket purchase can be realized not later than 1 hour before departure if:

  • a bank card is issued by one of a banks of Republic of Belarus;
  • a bank card supports 3D Secure technology;
  • a passenger is logged in on a website and he/she is a participant of an exclusive level of the program “Belavia Leader”;
  • a passenger is logged in on a website and he/she took at least one flight this year.

If none of conditions is met, a ticket purchase can be performed not later than 6 hours before departure.

A ticket booking can be performed for not more than five passengers at a time.

When choosing a number of passengers, turn your attention to the fact that passengers are divided into three groups: “Adults”, “Children”, “Infants”. If you press the name of a group of passengers, detailed information on criteria of the passengers division into groups appears. One adult can accompany not more than 1 infant or 3 children. It’s accepted when 2 infants and 3 children are accompanied by 2 adults under one booking.

Participants of the loyalty program “Belavia Leader” have an opportunity to pay for the transportation rate with collected points. It’s necessary for this purpose to log in on the website and to put a mark near the words “Pay with points” in a choosing form of a route, date and number of passengers.

Note! Only the transportation rate can be paid with points. Charges and fees should be paid additionally.

Press the button “Search” after you have chosen a route, date of departure and date of return and indicated a number of passengers as well.

If any area is not filled in or filled in incorrectly, there is a red frame appears around it.

Press the button “Search” after you have chosen a route, date of departure and date of return and indicated a number of passengers as well.

If all boxes are filled in, the system starts to search an appropriate flight. If any area is not filled in or filled in incorrectly, there is a red frame appears around it.

On the next page, you will see the chosen route, dates as well as the number and types of passengers that can be changed by pressing the link “Modify flight search”.

Near you can also change the currency by choosing it from the drop-down menu.

Note! Depending on the territory of a ticket purchase and emitting bank of your card, payment can be available in a limited currency and another currency can be chosen for information purposes only.

In accordance with the decision of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus the sale of all air service purchased via the company's official web site by visitors from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as by cardholders issued by banks of the Republic of Belarus is carried out only in Belarusian rubles since June,1 2017.

On this page, you can see outbound flights available on the chosen date including flights operated with our partners. Depending on your screen resolution in calendar line you can see min flight price on ±1 (2 or 3) days from the chosen date. By clicking any of these days you can see all the flights operated on this day (in the same way as for the initial search). It’s also available to look through the flights later (earlier) by pressing arrows on the calendar line. In case you see a dash under the date where the price supposed to be it means there are no flights operated on this day.

Price on the page is shown for all number of passengers and includes all taxes, fees and surcharges.

Flight sorting is by departure time. All information about a flight (date and time of departures, flights’ numbers, operating airlines, flights duration, aircraft types, date and time of arrivals, as well as the number of transfers if available) you can see by tapping the link “Flight details” in each flight line.

For each flight in the list there are time and airport of departure, flight duration, number of transfers (if available), time and airport of arrival, carriers and flight numbers and also minimum price for the economy and business class. After choosing class of service, you can choose the best fare. For each fare, there are main conditions and price.

In mobile version, you can see the minimum available price for each flight. After tapping it you can see all the available fares. After tapping a fare, you can see its main conditions and price. The choice is made by tapping “Select” button.

Note! You can read all the information about the fares on a special page that can be found in the main menu.

After choosing a fare you will be redirected to the next page.

If originally return journey is chosen you will see return flights and a block with the selected outbound flight will appear on top. Flight can be chosen exactly in the same way as it was done on a previous page.

After choosing the flight and fare you will see the following information: one-way or return flights (depending on the original choice); flights information; brief rules on change and refund; price for each type of the passenger (also you can see all taxes, fees and surcharges) and the final price for the whole trip.

Please check date and time of outbound/return flight, airports of departure/arrival. пожалуйста, дату и время вылета/возврата, аэропорты вылета/ возврата.

If all the information is ok please click “Next” button. You’ll be redirected to the next page.

It’s necessary to provide the information about the passengers by filling in a given form on this web page. Please, enter all information in Latin letters.

Note! Incorrect input of the information about passengers can be a reason of denied boarding.

The information filled in fields “Surname” and “Name” should be in accordance with the data indicated in a passport of a passenger. If you are a participant of a loyalty program “Belavia Leader”, please, enter your personal number in the field “Participant number”.

While entering passport data, make sure that the passport expiration date will not be expired at the moment of a flight and will be in accordance with the rules of a country visited.

While entering the data on children and infants in the fields “Passport number” and “Expiration date”, indicate passport data of a child and an infant respectively.

The information about your booking will be send to your e-mail address indicated in the field “Е-mail” during 3 hours.

Please, enter the code of a country and a phone number which we can use to get in touch with you, if there are any problems, in the field “Phone”.

After all necessary data is filled in, please check the correctness of this data.

You can buy additional baggage items up to 3 bags for every passenger (adult or child) on the corresponding page during the booking process.

Choose the way of booking payment from the offered variants (depending on the chosen destinations and the time left before a flight, there can be one or more methods of payment offered).

Currently the airline’s website accepts payments for air tickets using bank cards of payment systems VISA, MasterCard (including Maestro), MIR, UnionPay and BELKART.

It’s possible to pay for created booking with banking system “Payment” or in one of the sales offices of the air company “Belavia- Belarusian Airlines”. The system “Payment” is a money receiving automated system, which operates in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Attention! Payment for tickets booked on the website, in the sales office of the air company “Belavia- Belarusian Airlines” is performed in accordance with the currency rate, which is effective on the date of payment.

You can have a look at detailed instructions on payment for transportation in the “Payment ” system, including payment with the help of electronic money WebMoney and EasyPay as well, with subsequent itinerary receipt reception of your electronic air ticket by reference.

Note! Payment for booking by means of “Payment” banking system purchasing is available under the following conditions: while using Russian or Belarusian language versions of the website, payment currency – Belarusian rubles, it’s more than 72 hours before the departure time and a chosen rate is not a promo rate.

Payment for a booked air ticket is possible with the help of "SBP" and "Oplati" - payment services for making instant payments using a QR code. When choosing a payment method for a booking through the “SBP” or “Oplati” systems, the passenger receives a unique QR code that will allow the payment to be made in the corresponding application on a mobile device.

Check out and confirm the awareness of the rules of chosen rates, general conditions of transportation and the liability limitations of the air carrier in case of flight accidents, and also confirm the correctness of the indicated information about the fight route, dates, passenger (s).

After the pressing “Next” button, you will be redirected on the payment web page.

Note! In case of failure of the payment procedure, get in touch with our support team immediately: +375 (17) 220-25-55 e-mail:

After successful termination of payment procedure, you will see a confirmation web page with detailed information about your booking. During the period of 3 hours the same information will be send to your e-mail that you indicated on the passport data entry web page.

There will be your booking number in the upper right side of a web page with the help of which you can check your current booking status on the page “Booking status”.

We recommend you to print this page and take it together with your passport to registration desk. Printed booking confirmations from the web site and received by e-mail have the same legal force.

If you do not have an opportunity to print a page, you only need to write down or remember a booking number, date of departure and a flight number.

In such a manner the booking is completed.

Thank you for using the services of the air company “Belavia - Belarusian Airlines”.

Have a pleasant flight!