Categories of the passengers

Belavia Belarusian Airlines carries out transportation of all passengers of special categories, such as:

  • non-accompanied children;
  • pregnant women;
  • disabled passengers;
  • blind/deaf passengers.

Passengers of special categories can purchase air tickets only through the air transportation sales agents. Please, while booking an air ticket inform the agent of Belavia about all transportation peculiarities of such passengers to provide all conditions for their traveling.

Non-accompanied children

Children of age from 5 to 11 years old traveling without their parents and not entrusted to anybody of the passengers may be transported as non-accompanied ones. Children of age from 12 to 15 years can be accepted for transportation on Belavia flights as non-accompanied ones as per their parents request.

Non-accompanied children are accepted for transportation only after filling in and signing of the Application for transportation of a non-accompanied child, payment of a correspondent tariff for an adult passenger and of a fixed charge.

The airline provides an inpidual seat in a passenger cabin and permits carriage of baggage according to the set baggage allowance.

Before, during and after the flight non-accompanied child is under permanent supervision of the adult person ( representative, agent or flight attendant) and after arrival will be entrusted to the person appointed for meeting the child.

Pregnant women

Before the flight get the doctor’s consultation of the contraindications and advice for the forthcoming journey.

Transportation of pregnant women is to be executed provided it happens not later than 4 weeks before the date of the supposed childbirth and if there is no danger of early childbirth, that should be confirmed by the medical statement issued not earlier than 7 days before the flight.

Pregnant women may be refused in transportation if the medical statement was not provided for the airline.

Transportation of ill and disabled passengers

Belavia Belarusian Airlines transports the passengers, whose physical or psychic state claims particular attention. While booking tickets for such passengers inform the agent about their status. For transportation of ill and disabled passengers a medical statement should be provided for the airline, where special requirements for the transportation should be indicated.

We pay your attention, that with the aim of ensuring the safety, meeting the technical or operation requirements Belavia may limit the number of ill passengers (disabled persons) for any of its flights, even if placement of these passengers meets the special requirements including the qualified accompanying.

The disabled passengers transported in stretchers is to be allowed for transportation only with an accompanying person provided the payment of three tariffs of the economic class has been executed. Belavia may refuse in transportation of such a passenger for lack of conditions on the board of the aircraft necessary for his transportation.

If the age, physical or psychic state of the passenger can cause worsening of his/her state of health during the flight or create a dangerous situation for his life the transportation of such a passenger is to be executed provided Belavia is not to be responsible for the consequences occurred as the result of existence of the said reasons.

Blind/deaf passengers

Transportation of a blind (deaf) passenger Belavia may demand provision of the corresponding document and presence of an accompanying person.

When the blind/deaf passenger travels accompanied by a guide dog the dog is allowed to be carried free of charge in the passenger cabin of the aircraft in excess to the standard of the free of charge carriage of the baggage, provided;

  • the official document of the special dog training has been provided;
  • during the flight the dog in the muzzle and with the dog’s lead is located a the passenger’s feet.