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Booking and Ticketing Requirements of group transpоrtation for Agents

The conditions for booking and ticketing of group transportation are located in the section Menu->Information and services->Booking and ticketing of group transportation.

A group booking must be made in reservation system (Amadeus, Gallileo, Sabre) in G class. After completion of the transaction, the status of the group booking and RECORD LOCATOR (RL) from Belavia Airline appears. Getting an RL in a booking means that the group booking was sent to the airline's queue bank.

Entering an IATA code on a reservation is a requirement for IATA agents.

When creating a group reservation 30 days before the departure date, it is necessary to enter all the names and names of passengers, as well as their passport data, because otherwise, upon completion of the transaction, the Belavia RL will not appear in the reservation, and this reservation will not be in the queue for processing.

Information on the special fare and the conditions of group transportation is entered into the booking by the airline's specialists through OSI messages within 3 working days from the date of confirmation of the booking. The Agent agrees to the terms and conditions by e-mail: and provides its IATA code and address.

An agent makes an advance payment via EMD or ADM issuance.

For BSP Agents

An ADM is issued by Belavia Sales Control Department – email

After the issuance of air tickets in order to make full payment the Agent sends to the Sales Control Department to email a request to issue an ACM with PNR and numbers of the issued air tickets.

The Sales Control Department issues an ACM for the sum of the deposit. At the same time, a fine is retained from the deposit amount for the seats refused (if any) and issues the new ADM at the full cost of group transportation.

ADM policy (is valid from 15.04.2024)

GDS Booking Policy

Special services requests

The provisional rules for the ticket exchange and refund for Belavia canceled flights