Passports and visas

Every passenger flying with Belavia should have documents necessary for traveling valid for the moment of transportation.

  • Personal documents:

    • national passport
    • diplomatic passport
    • service passport
    • documents for people younger than 16 years (if applied)
    • sailor’s book
    • certificate for returning to the country of registration (if applied)
  • Documents for the entrance the territory of country-destination or for the transit through the territory of the foreign country while transit/transfer:

    • entry visa
    • transit visa
    • residence permit,working papers etc.
    • certificate about vaccination (if required)
  • Traffic documents:

    • passenger ticket
    • exchange order (МСО) (if it’s performed)
    • paid luggage ticket (if it’s performed)
    • another traffic documents (GEBA, GEBAT, FIM etc.)

To the attention of passenger citizens of the Russian Federation traveling from the Russian Federation via Minsk!
In accordance with the rules of the French Migration Service, citizens of the Russian Federation departing from the Republic of Belarus, in transit through French airports to a third country, must have a transit visa.
Visa is not required for those passengers whose passports have valid visas of Schengen countries, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, Romania, USA, Croatia, Japan.

The passenger is responsible for availability, trueness and correctness of execution of entrance/exit documents.

At the registration the passenger shall provide all entrance, exit, medical and other documents required in compliance with the laws, decrees, rules and prescriptions of the state bodies of the countries connected with the transportation.

Belavia is to be entitled to forbid transportation for the passenger whose documents has not been fully provided or have been executed in a wrong way. Belavia is not responsible to the passenger for all losses or expenses connected with non-execution of above mentioned requirements by the passenger.

In accordance to General rules of passenger and luggage transportation by National Airline Belavia passengers are fully responsible for the following rules and requirements stated by plenipotentiary powers of the countries of:

  • taking off
  • transit
  • transfer
  • destination

Entry into force of the new edition of the fifth chapter of the visa regulations of the Republic of Belarus

Starting from September 1st, 2012 the issuance of visas at the «National Airport Minsk» to citizens of countries with Belarusian Embassies or Consulates will be canceled (see list:, except travelling as a part of official delegation or on behalf of a petition by a governmental institution of the Republic of Belarus or in connection with serious illness or death of a close relative or family member upon representation of confirming official documents.

The issuance of visas for citizens of other countries will remain.

Detailed information on the procedure for obtaining visas to enter to the Republic of Belarus could be found on the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.


  • Ministry of foreign affairs of The Republic of Belarus
  • Immigration authorities