Passports and visas

Each passenger traveling with Belavia – Belarussian Airlines shall have all the necessary travel documents valid at the time of transportation.

    Travel documents proving identity:

  • National passport/biometric passport;
  • Diplomatic passport/biometric diplomatic passport;
  • service passport/biometric service passport;
  • official passport/biometric official passport;
  • special passport/biometric special passport;
  • identity card of a citizen under 16 years old (if applicable);
  • seaman's book;
  • certificate of return to the country of registration (if applicable);
  • travel document/biometric travel document.

Documents permitting entry into the territory of the country of destination or transit through the territory of a foreign state during transit/transfer:

  • entry visa;
  • transit visa;
  • residence card or residence permit, work/study permit, etc.;
  • Certificate of vaccination (if required);
  • Additional medical documents (COVID-19 tests, vaccination certificate, etc.)

Information for passengers travelling with children.

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation who travel with their minor children are required to provide the original document confirming the status of the child’s legal representative. Such documents are:

  • a passport where the information about the child is recorded;
  • an original of the minor child’s birth certificate;
  • a certificate of adoption or a copy of the court decision on the adoption of a minor child;
  • a certificate for the right to represent the interests of the ward;
  • an agreement on the transfer of the minor child to a foster family;
  • an agreement on the conditions for raising and supporting of a minor child in a family-type orphanage;
  • a copy of the decision of the guardianship and trusteeship authority to establish guardianship or trusteeship of a minor child and appointment of a citizen as a guardian or trustee of the minor child.

Attention! If the child is traveling with one of the parents, notarized permission from the other parent is not required.

Information for minor passengers.

A minor citizen of the Republic of Belarus who travels abroad independently shall present at the check-in counter the original notarized permission to travel abroad from two legal representatives.

Detailed information about minor citizens traveling abroad can be found on the following website.

Minor citizens of the Russian Federation traveling abroad independently are required to present the original notarized permission to travel abroad from one legal representative.

According to Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 889 “Issues of citizenship of the Russian Federation” from March 1, 2024, minor citizens of the Russian Federation who have not reached the age of 14, who travel from the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation independently on a birth certificate, shall additionally present one of the listed documents (marks) specified in Paragraphs 173 and 174 of the Regulation.

To the attention of passengers-citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan traveling from Kazakhstan to Belarus or points of the Russian Federation through Minsk!

Transportation of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan on identity cards is PROHIBITED.

Transportation of children-citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan on birth certificates is PROHIBITED.

To the attention of passengers-citizens of the Russian Federation traveling from Kazakhstan to Belarus!

Transportation of citizens of the Russian Federation on domestic passports is ALLOWED.

To the attention of passengers-citizens of the Russian Federation traveling from the Russian Federation through Minsk!

In accordance with the rules of the French Migration Service, citizens of the Russian Federation departing from the Republic of Belarus, transiting through French airports to a third country, shall have a transit visa.

A visa is not required for those passengers whose passports have valid visas of Schengen countries, Bulgaria, Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, Romania, USA, Croatia, Japan.

The passenger is responsible for the availability, validity and correctness of entry/exit documents.

At the check-in, the passenger shall provide all entry, exit, medical and other documents required by the laws, regulations and rules of the governments of the countries associated with the transportation.

Belavia – Belarusian Airlines may deny carriage to a passenger whose documents were not submitted in full or were incorrectly completed. Belavia – Belarusian Airlines is not responsible for the passenger's losses and expenses associated with the passenger's failure to comply with these requirements.

In accordance with the "Basic Rules for the Carriage of Passengers and Baggage" of Belavia – Belarusian Airlines, passengers are fully responsible for compliance with the rules and requirements established by the authorized authorities of the countries of:

  • departure
  • transit
  • transfer
  • destination

On the entry into force of the new edition of the fifth chapter of the visa rules of the Republic of Belarus

Starting from September 1, 2012, the issuance of entry visas to foreign citizens in the countries of nationality of which there are diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Belarus stopped at Minsk National Airport (see the list), except in cases when such foreigners travel to the Republic of Belarus as part of official delegations, at the invitation of state bodies of the Republic of Belarus, and also in connection with a serious illness or death of a close relative or family member upon presentation of official documents confirming the existence of such circumstances.

The practice of issuing visas to citizens of other states will continue.

Detailed information on the procedure for obtaining visas to enter the Republic of Belarus can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus .

According to the EU rules and regulations introduced since June 2013 (REGULATION (EU) No. 610/2013 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 26 June 2013), for entry into the countries of the Schengen Agreement and the EU, the validity period of a passport shall be no older than 10 years from the date of issue, regardless of the presence of a visa, as well as other entry document (residence permit).