To be taken on board you should have the following documents:

  • valid passport (which was issued within the previous 10 years, if required by the country of destination):
    • national passport;
    • diplomatic passport;
    • service passport;
    • special passport;
    • official passport;
  • other document providing passenger identity in compliance with the existing legislation of country of departure, destination, transit:
    • refugee/ stateless person travel document;
    • EU travel document;
    • ID card;
    • seaman’s passport;
    • pilot's license;
    • extract from the crew list;
    • letter of guarantee;
    • flight mission;
    • birth certificate (for citizens of the Russian Federation if applicable);
    • military identity card;
    • travel certificate;
  • valid visa (if required):
    • visa;
    • ink-stamp visa;
    • E-visa (printed only, not allowed on the phone);
    • residence permit;
    • renewal of a residence permit;
    • work permit;
    • study permit;
    • letter of guarantee;
    • accreditation card;
  • for children under 18 years:
    • travels alone - notarized consent of parents (guardians);
    • travels with one parent - notarized consent of the second parent is not required;
    • travels with grandmother or grandfather - notarized consent of legal representatives (parents, guardians);
  • health insurance (if required in accordance with the legislation of the country of destination, transit), medical certificate (in the form established by the country of destination, transit) confirming a negative test result by the PCR method (SARS-Cov-2) or an antigen or antibody test results, other medical documents (if required);
  • printed ticket (if e-ticket is not issued) or itinerary receipt (for your convenience).

Passengers can check in for a flight at check-in desks at the airport or using Internet resources (“online”) or at the airport through self-check-in kiosks (KUSS).

Airport Check-In

The time on your ticket is local. We recommend arriving at the airport 2 hrs before departure to have plenty of time to go through the control (customs, border and, if needed, sanitary, quarantine, immigration, veterinary and phytosanitary).

For Belavia flights check-in starts 2 hrs and ends 40 min prior to departure.

At UAE airports (Dubai, Sharjah) and India (Delhi) check-in starts 3 hrs and ends 60 minutes before departure.

The airline is not responsible for the passengers who are late for check-in or boarding. The company doesn’t delay departures for waiting such passengers in order to adhere the schedule.

Check-in counters for business class and economy class passengers have following designations: “Business Class” and “Economy Class”.

Frequent flying passengers of elite Belavia Leader levels are serviced on “Business Class” check-in counter. Business class and elite Belavia Leader levels’ passengers have priority during check-in when it takes place at one counter with economy class passengers.

In some airports it could be a restriction in using business lounge for business class and elite Belavia Leader levels’ passengers.

Self Check-In

Self check-in is a convenient way to save your time. At the end you’ll receive a boarding pass. You can immediately go through control and proceed to boarding.

This service is available for those having e-ticket and flying with Belavia.

If you have a baggage to be checked-in it should be taken to special DROP-OFF counter (if it is available at the airport) or to the counter where check-in to your flight has begun. You can check-in your baggage not later than check-in finishes (40 min before departure). Pay your special attention that checked and carry-on baggage should meet the rules of transportation.


Belavia provides self check-in service on its official website. Online check-in starts 24 and ends 2 hrs prior to scheduled departure.

To find your itinerary you need:

  • read carefully terms and conditions and prove it;
  • enter e-ticket number and your Last name.

Please note that during online check-in, a seat in the cabin of the aircraft is initially assigned to the passenger automatically and is free. If the passenger wants to change the automatically assigned seat, the choice of an another seat will be made in accordance with the terms of purchase of the "Seat selection in the aircraft cabin" service. If this service was issued earlier, then registration will be made at a pre-selected seat.

Follow the instructions. At the end you’ll receive a mobile boarding pass. For your convenience or if you’ve received Information card (that doesn’t allow to go on board) you can print a regular boarding pass using “Print boarding pass”. Also you can send boarding passes to E-mail.