Group booking requirements

OJSC “Air company “Belavia- Belarusian Airlines” offers you to make an order for air tickets for groups of passengers. A service class – economy. Special group fares “net” from 10 passengers and more are applied. If the number of passenger in group reduces (less than 10), the group fare doesn’t apply and restates as of the date of the passenger number reduction, in order with officially published fares and rules of application of these fares. The group fare is available during 3 business days.

To check-in a group, it is necessary to send a request to email: and indicate a route, a departure and an arrival date, a number of passengers and a passenger category (sportsmen, children, delegation, musician and so on). A group fare is available on basis of given information in the request. There are no discounts for children, in providing the group fare. Special rules of a group fare application are used for groups. They are differ from officially published fares, according to requested routes.

Main conditions of group tours:

  • A minimum number of passengers in group – 10. If the number of passengers in group reduces, the advance payment doesn’t refund.
  • A minimum length of stay is not limited.
  • A maximum length of stay – 6 months.
  • A ticket validity – 6 months.
  • An advance payment makes from 10% to 25% of fare “net”, depending on the number of days, from the date of booking to departure date. In case of cancellation of tour and reduction of passenger number in group, an advance payment doesn’t refund. If there is no advance payment, within the established deadlines, the booking is canceled.
  • Stop-overs are allowed.
  • A refund of partially used ticket doesn’t realize.
  • An execution of air ticket is made after the realization of full payment for a group on the invoice account of air company, but not later than 3 days of departure date.
  • The passengers, which have air tickets with wrong usage sequence of flight coupon are not allowed for tour.
  • A change of route is not allowed.
  • A change of departure date is not allowed both prior the beginning of a tour and after departure.
  • A change of a surname may be realized after payment of a fine.
  • A free ticket for a head of a group is not given.
  • A payment for a tour of a group is realized both for cash and on account.
  • All periods of payment and check-in are controlled by automatic device. If there is a breach of time limits for payment, the group is cancelled automatically.

There are similar norms of baggage transportation for group and individual booking. An extra baggage is paid additionally, but a client should inform an air company about extra baggage, during the booking: a type of baggage, a size, a weight. A baggage transportation should be confirmed in advance.

A group booking should be made in the reservation system (AMADEUS, GALILEO, SABRE) in G class. There is a group booking status and RECORD LOCATOR of the air company “Belavia- Belarusian Airlines” appears, after the ending of transaction. RL receiving means, that a group booking is in a bank of queuing system of the air company. It is necessary for IATA agents to enter an IATA code while booking.

While creating a group booking, it is necessary to enter all names and surnames of the passengers, 30 days before departure, as during the ending of a transaction of booking an RL of the air company “Belavia- Belarusian Airlines” will not appear. The booking will not be in the queuing system. The seats are confirmed and a group fare is provided, during 3 business days.

After the confirmation of a fare by the administration of the air company, all conditions of payment and check-in of a group are entered in a booking system, by means of OSI message.

After a message on the e-mail: about the compliance with the given conditions, a client provides his IATA code and address.

The refund of advance payment is executed by the agent, through MCO or through ADM. ADM is made out by a mutual exchange department – contact address

For BSP agents.

A booking control department (BCD) of the air company sends a request to make out ADM, on the address, for a amount on deposit for a group, to a mutual exchange department (MED).

A mutual exchange department of “Belavia- Belarusian Airlines” makes out ADM to an agent for amount on deposit.

After check-in of a group, in order to make a full payment for a group, the agent sends an request to make out ACM with compulsory specification of PNR and numbers of executed tickets, to MED of “Belavia- Belarusian Airlines” on the address

MED makes out ACM for amount on deposit, at that, the penalty charge is detained from the amount on deposit for cancelled seats (if there any) and makes out a new ADM for a full cost of group tour.