Transportation of animals

Animals (the weight with container) are not included in the free baggage allowance.

During transportation in the passenger cabin of the aircraft the maximum size of container shall not exceeding 55х40х20 cm, the maximum weight of the animal together with container shall not exceed 8 кg.

Container Requirements

The cage or container should be spacious and durable enough with a waterproof bottom and air vents on three sides. There must be enough space inside the cage or container for animals to naturally turn, stand, sit, or lie down. The cage or container should be tightly closed but not locked.

Attention! Both soft and hard - sided carries are allowed for transportation of an animal in the cabin of the aircraft but only if the container complies with the standards established for cabin baggage. Soft- sided carries are not allowed for animals transportation as checked baggage.

The charge to be paid for the transportation of animal in the passenger cabin of the aircraft is 50 EUR / 60 USD / 50 GBP*.

In the cabin of the aircraft, one passenger can transport not more than one animal.

Transportation of several animals in container is prohibited.

Transportation of animals in the business class cabin is prohibited.

Animals with weight exceeding 8 kg are transported in cargo compartment of the aircraft.

The charge to be paid for transportation of animals in cargo compartment is:

  • up to 8 kg – 130 EUR/ 160 USD/ 120 GBP*
  • from 8 kg up to 32 kg – 150 EUR/ 180 USD/ 130 GBP*
  • from 32 kg up to 70 kg – 180 EUR/ 220 USD/ 160 GBP*

* Rate in USD is applicable only for Israel, rate in GBP – only for Great Britain. For all other territories the rate in EUR is applicable.

Animals with weight exceeding 70 kg are accepted for carriage only as cargo.

The passenger should have all documents that are necessary for transportation of animals (birds), required by the Belarusian law or by the international agreements or by the rules and regulations of the country to the territory or through the territory or from the territory of which the transportation is to be performed.

The transportation of animals requires prior approval of the Airline.

The maximum number of animals accepted for transportation in cargo compartment on one and the same aircraft is limited.