Transportation of animals

Animals (the weight with container) are not included in the free baggage allowance.

During transportation in the passenger cabin of the aircraft the maximum size of container shall not exceeding 55х40х20 cm, the maximum weight of the animal together with container shall not exceed 8 кg.

Container Requirements

The cage or container should be spacious and durable enough with a waterproof bottom and air vents on three sides. There must be enough space inside the cage or container for animals to naturally turn, stand, sit, or lie down. The cage or container should be tightly closed and securely locked.

  • The owner of the animal is obliged to use a container (cage), the design and material of which allows safe transportation and protects the animal from damage during transportation.
  • The container must be made of impact-resistant rigid material. The inner surface of the container should have smooth, rounded surfaces to exclude damage to the animal during transportation.The roof of the container must be solid.
  • There should be vents / grilles at the top of the sides of the container to allow air to enter.
  • The container door must be securely attached to the container so that the animal cannot knock it out. The size of the door cell should not exceed 25 × 25 mm in order to avoid getting the paws, nose or tail of the animal into the cell.
  • The container must be securely closed with a lock, preventing spontaneous opening of the container, opening of the container by animals or unauthorized access to the animal in flight.
  • The bottom of the container must be solid, waterproof, covered with an absorbent non-toxic material. The bottom of the container must be designed to prevent spillage of absorbent material.
  • The size of the container should allow the animal to stand up to its full height and rotate 360 degrees, and lie in a natural position.
  • The container can be equipped with a water drinker.
  • For transportation in the hold, the container must be equipped with handles for lifting and carrying it by two loaders.
  • If the container is equipped with wheels, they must be removed or fixed in an inoperative position during transportation (when transporting in the hold).

During takeoff, landing, and when passing through turbulence, the cage / container must be safely placed under the front seat.

Prohibited! It is prohibited to take animals out of the container/cage in the passenger cabin and feed them during the flight.

Attention! Both soft and hard - sided containers are allowed for transportation of an animal in the cabin of the aircraft but only if the container complies with the standards established for cabin baggage. Soft-sided containers are not allowed for animals transportation as checked baggage.

In the cabin of the aircraft, one passenger can transport not more than one animal. Only one animal can be carried in a container. Transportation of several animals in one container is prohibited.

The charge to be paid for the transportation of animal in the passenger cabin of the aircraft is 50 EUR / 60 USD / 50 GBP*.

Animals with weight exceeding 8 kg are transported in cargo compartment of the aircraft.

The charge to be paid for transportation of animals in cargo compartment is:

  • up to 8 kg – 130 EUR / 160 USD/ 120 GBP*;
  • from 8 kg up to 32 kg – 150 EUR / 180 USD/ 130 GBP*;
  • from 32 kg up to 70 kg – 180 EUR / 220 USD / 160 GBP*.

* Rate in USD is applicable only for Israel, rate in GBP – only for Great Britain. For all other territories the rate in EUR is applicable.

Animals with weight exceeding 70 kg are accepted for carriage only as cargo.

The passenger should have all documents that are necessary for transportation of animals (birds), required by the Belarusian law or by the international agreements or by the rules and regulations of the country to the territory or through the territory or from the territory of which the transportation is to be performed.

The transportation of animals requires prior approval of the Airline.

To confirm and order the additional service on a charter flight, you need to contact the tour operator (travel agent) providing the travel service.

The maximum number of animals accepted for transportation in cargo compartment on one and the same aircraft is limited.

Animals of brachycephalic breed (snub-nosed dogs, cats etc.) such as Bulldog (English, French, American), Pug, Shih Tzu, Boxer, Griffin (Belgian, Brussels), Boston Terrier, Dogue de Bordeaux, Japanese Chin, Pekingese are transported only in passenger cabin of the aircraft. The carriage of snub-nosed animals in the hold of aircraft is prohibited.

Dogs classified as potentially dangerous breeds are transported only in the baggage hold of the aircraft in reinforced containers:

  • the door of the container must be metal, smooth;
  • the upper and lower parts of the collapsible container must be connected to each other by metal bolts and nuts.

Transportation of animals, the weight of which with the container exceeds 8 kg, but does not exceed 70 kg, or if the size of the container exceeds the established norm, is provided in the baggage compartment.

A passenger may be refused to carry a live animal in aircraft hold for the following reasons:

  • there is no quota for the carriage of an animal on the flight;
  • the carriage of the animal has not been previously agreed or confirmed;
  • the breed of the dog does not correspond to that previously indicated by the passenger when requesting for carriage;
  • there is a threat to the health and safety of others;
  • the owner does not have a veterinary passport with a mark on the clinical examination of the animal and the necessary veterinary accompanying documents confirming that the animal is healthy and has the right to move;
  • container, cage, soft carrying bag does not provide safe transportation and does not meet the airline's requirements;
  • a dog transported in the passenger cabin without a container does not have a muzzle, collar or leash, or the owner does not control the dog's behavior (the dog does not respond to the owner's commands, shows unmotivated aggression towards others);
  • the owner does not have the necessary veterinary accompanying documents, or at the time of the start of transportation, a ban or restriction was introduced on the import / export of animals by the passenger as baggage by the legislation of the country to / from or through the territory of which the transportation is carried out;
  • the carriage of the animal has not been paid in accordance with the approved tariff;
  • on the aircraft on which the flight is in progress, it is impossible to ensure the proper air temperature in the hold.

The passenger is fully responsible for the animals, the availability and compliance of the necessary permits and certificates.

The Airline is not responsible for bodily injury, loss, illness or death of animals.

The duties of the airline personnel do not include caring for animals.

Pets are not allowed in the cabin or the baggage compartment as handy luggage or baggage on flights to the UAE. Only as cargo.

The entry and transit of animals into the UAE is allowed with following documents:

  • Import Permit of UAE (Permit link).

General requirements for obtaining an import permit:

  • Blood test for the presence of antibodies to rabies;
  • Passport with vaccinations;
  • COVID-19 health form;
  • International veterinary certificate (issued at the airport before departure).

Everything is certified by the seals of only state clinics.

All documents must be in English.

A passenger is responsible for.