Baggage on charter flights

Unchecked baggage (cabin baggage)

The free unchecked baggage allowance per passenger on charter flights is 1 piece weighing no more than 5 kg and no more than 55х40х25 cm in 3 size.

If the passenger's carry-on baggage on charter flights exceeds the established limit, the airline has the right to refuse to carry baggage as cabin baggage and accept it for transportation as checked baggage.

Under COVID-19 conditions, hand luggage restrictions may be imposed on certain destinations.

Checked baggage

The free checked baggage allowance per passenger on charter flights is 1 piece weighing no more than 23 kg and no more than 158 cm in the sum of 3 dimensions.

The passenger of charter flights is given the opportunity to pay for the carriage of an additional piece of baggage in accordance with the established tariffs:

Cost Purchase terms
40 € Purchasing of the service online together with the ticket
50 € Purchasing of the service ofline*

* The carriage of oversized / heavy baggage, as well as special categories of baggage, including the carriage of sports equipment not included in the baggage carried by the passenger as part of the free baggage allowance, is carried out for an additional fee at the rates established for regular flights and is paid only offline.

If the free baggage allowance is exceeded in several categories, the total amount payable will be the sum of the corresponding rates for exceeding the free baggage allowance.

Payment for the carriage of additional, oversized, overweight, as well as special categories of baggage is possible at Belavia ticket offices, at the check-in counters in Minsk airport, at authorized agents.

The possibility of paying for baggage transportation at the same time as buying a tour must be checked with the tour operator.