Checked baggage

Checked baggage means passenger baggage, accepted by a Carrier under its custody for which such Carrier has issued a baggage tag.

Each piece of checked baggage should be in a good condition, ensuring its preservation during transportation and handling under normal conditions and excluding the possibility of access to the contents. The baggage that does not comply with the present requirements is not allowed for transportation.

Baggage that has external damages that do not affect its safety during transportation and handling under normal conditions can be accepted for transportation as checked baggage subject to the consent of the Carrier. The presence and type of damage shall be confirmed by the passenger's signature.

The check-in baggage is transported in a cargo compartment of the aircraft.

In case the weight of one piece of baggage in a packed form exceeds 32 kg, it is accepted for carriage only as cargo.

Free check-in baggage allowance for 1 person:

Passenger category Number of pieces Maximum dimensions for 1 piece (packed) Maximum weight of 1 piece (packed)
Business class 2 158 cm 32 kg
Economy class (including children aged 2 to 12) depending on brand:
FLEX 1 158 cm 32 kg
SMART 1 158 cm 23 kg
LIGHT - - -
PROMO - - -
Infants under 2 years old 1* 115 cm 10 kg* + 1 pushchair
or 1 portable cradle
or 1 child safety seat
Passengers of charter flights 1 158 cm 23 kg
Members of “Belavia Leader” program depending on brand:
Gold tier
BUSINESS 2 158 cm 32 kg
+ 1 piece 32 kg
FLEX 1 158 cm 32 kg
+ 1 piece 32 kg
SMART 1 158 cm 23 kg+ 1 piece 32 kg
LIGHT - - +1 piece 32 kg
PROMO - - -
Silver tier
BUSINESS 2 158 cm 32 kg
+ 1 piece 23 kg
FLEX 1 158 cm 32 kg
+ 1 piece 23 kg
SMART 1 158 cm 23 kg+ 1 piece 23 kg
LIGHT - - -
PROMO - - -

*Infants under 2 years old (INF) are entitled to carry only 1 (one) piece of checked baggage weighing no more than 10 kg in “SMART”, “FLEX”, “BUSINESS” brands in accordance with airline’s baggage rules.

In addition to the established free baggage allowance, each passenger is also allowed to carry free of charge the following items:

  • baby travel cradle / safety seat for newborns / pushchair / umbrella stroller / baby universal folding stroller-transformer (when travelling with a baby from 0 to 2 years or with a child up to 4 years);
  • a wheelchair, an electric attachment to a wheelchair, a step walker, a lift and (or) other types of transportation (movement) for passengers with disabilities;
  • additional piece to the free baggage allowance for Gold and Silver tier members of the “Belavia Leader” program (in accordance with the rules of the "Belavia Leader" loyalty program and depending on the conditions of the brand).

Baby travel cradle, safety seat for newborns, pushchair, umbrella stroller, baby universal folding stroller-transformer, wheelchair are transported only in the aircraft baggage compartment as checked baggage. If necessary, at the request of the passenger these items can remain at one’s disposal until boarding.

The checked baggage of passengers, one piece of which in a packed form does not exceed in size 158 cm in three dimensions and in weight 32 kg, is accepted for transportation on BELAVIA flights.

In case of granting the privilege “Upgrade on board” to “Belavia Leader” FFP members of the Gold level, the free checked baggage allowance specified in the ticket is maintained according to the initial booking.

Free baggage allowance does not apply to:

  • oversized baggage (one piece in three dimensions exceeds the established size of: 158 cm for passenger baggage or 115 cm for baggage of infants from 0 to 2 years or 210 cm for sports equipment);
  • weapons with ammunition and other baggage that needs special transportation;
  • TV sets, tape recorders and audio, video, home appliances weighing more than 10 kg;
  • pets and birds, with the exception of guide dogs accompanying blind/deaf passengers (guide dogs are transported in the passenger cabin of the aircraft in excess of the established free baggage allowance, free of additional charge);
  • flowers, plant seedlings, food greens weighing more than 5 kg;
  • courier mail and parcels weighing more than 5 kg.

The transportation of the above-mentioned items is paid according to their actual number of pieces regardless of the amount of passenger's baggage.

For security reasons

The following items and substances are not accepted or accepted only in limited quantities for transportation on Belavia flights:

  • firearms and edged weapons of all types (including gas and traumatic weapons) without the appropriate permission of the competent authorities;
  • explosives, ammunition, illuminating materials and rockets;
  • compressed and liquefied gases;
  • corrosive and oxidizing substances and liquids;
  • flammable solids and liquids;
  • poisonous and irritating substances;
  • magnetized substances;
  • radioactive materials;
  • briefcases and suitcases equipped with safety devices;
  • mercury or other substances and items with similar characteristics that raise doubts about the safety of their transportation, which can be used to set fire to, explode or threaten the safety of passengers and crew members of the aircraft.

Pay your special attention that hazardous materials carriage rules and allowances may differ between airlines. Be attentive if you have several flights performed by different carriers in one itinerary. Read the rules on their official sites or contact their call centers.

If you are still not sure about some materials, please, look through IATA list or their special website section.

Here you also can see the list of the items and substances prohibited for transportation in baggage.



Belavia – Belarusian Airlines is not responsible for the fragile items included in the checked baggage, perishable goods, banknotes, jewelry, precious metals, securities and other valuables, business and personal documents, medical certificates, medicines, keys, video cameras, photo cameras, portable personal computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment, regardless of whether the air carrier knows about the presence of these things in the checked baggage or not.