Baggage allowances for passengers with disabilities

Unchecked baggage (cabin baggage)

Passengers with limited mobility can take crutches or a cane free of charge.


Checked baggage

In addition to the established free baggage allowance, each passenger is also allowed to carry free of charge wheelchair or other means of transportation for passengers with limited mobility.

Wheelchair are transported only in the aircraft baggage compartment as checked baggage. All the details on the transportation of devices with lithium batteries you can find here. If necessary, at the request of the passenger these items can remain at one’s disposal until boarding.

Guide dogs accompanying blind/deaf passengers are transported in the passenger cabin of the aircraft in excess of the established free baggage allowance, free of additional charge.

On code sharing flights with other carriers the baggage allowance rules of the Carrier performing a flight may apply. In the event when transportation is carried out on flights of two and more carriers, including code sharing flights with other carriers, the free baggage allowance is determined by the rules of the most significant Carrier (MSC) on route.