Transportation of musical instruments

Small musical instruments, in dimensions and weight, not exceeding the free cabin baggage allowance in the corresponding branded fare established by the Airline, are allowed to be transported in the passenger cabin of the aircraft when paying a charge of 50 EUR / 60 USD / 50 GBP * one way if such a musical instrument is not included into the cabin baggage and is transported as an additional piece.

In the event when passenger cabin baggage, including a musical instrument, does not exceed the free cabin baggage allowance in accordance with branded fare, no charge is collected for such a musical instrument.

* Rate in USD is applicable only for Israel, rate in GBP – only for Great Britain. For all other territories the rate in EUR is applicable.

When transporting musical instruments in the passenger cabin of the aircraft occupying an additional seat, the baggage on additional seat rules are applied. The weight of the instrument should not exceed 84 kg, the dimensions should not exceed 100x50x30 cm. For each separate seat, a charge is collected corresponding to the tariff applied for the payment for a ticket of the passenger that carries a musical instrument.

The transportation of musical instruments in the baggage compartment of the aircraft is carried out in accordance with the rules for the excess baggage transportation, established for the corresponding branded fare.