Unchecked baggage (cabin baggage)

Unchecked baggage (cabin baggage) is any passenger baggage except checked baggage, carried in the passenger cabin of the aircraft during the flight under the care of passenger oneself.

Cabin baggage transported by the passenger in the passenger cabin on board of the aircraft is not included in free checked baggage allowance.

It is recommended to transport the following items as cabin baggage in the passenger cabin on board the aircraft:

  • money, jewelry, precious metal;
  • securities and other values;
  • official and personal documents (passports, ID cards and others),
  • medical certificates and medicines in limited quantities;
  • video cameras, laptops, mobile telephones, cameras;
  • keys and other valuable items.

To check the compliance of passenger baggage size with permitted cabin baggage allowance there are special calibrators at the airports.

Free cabin baggage allowance for 1 person:

Passenger category Number of pieces Maximum dimensions for 1 piece (packed) Maximum weight of 1 piece (packed)
Business class 2 Must not exceed the size of 55x40x25 cm 10 kg
Economy class 1 Must not exceed the size of 55x40x25 cm 10 kg

In addition to the established allowance each passenger is also allowed to carry free of charge one of the following items, which he/ she needs during the flight, if he/ she has it on him/ her, but does not put into the baggage compartment:

  • 1 handbag or 1 briefcase or 1 backpack or 1 case (bag) with a laptop, or with a camera, or with a video camera or other electronic device (the weight of each of the above items should not exceed 5 kg, the dimensions should not exceed 40x30x10 cm);
  • 1 paper folder;
  • 1 outerwear;
  • 1 suit in a suit bag;
  • 1 umbrella or cane;
  • 1 bouquet of flowers;
  • publications for reading during the flight;
  • 1 parcel with purchase from Duty Free shop.

If you are still not sure about some materials, please, look through IATA list or their special website section.

Here you can see the list of the items and substances prohibited for transportation in the passenger cab of the aircraft as a carry-on.