Weapons (sport/hunting/combat weapons) and ammunition

Weapons (sport/hunting/combat weapons) and ammunition are classified as military weapons and are accepted for carriage only in the cargo hold of an aircraft.

Transportation of weapons and ammunition to it in passenger cabin as carry-on luggage is PROHIBITED.

Sports and hunting weapons that belong to passengers for their own use, as well as all other weapons, including stabbing and cutting objects (daggers, stilettos, etc.), the natural use of which can harm other people, is accepted for carriage in the cargo compartment of the aircraft as checked baggage and tagged by baggage tags to the final destination, provided that:

  • firearms are discharged, dismantled and packed in special closable containers;
  • the ammunition package provides sufficient protection against sudden displacement and is a suitable metal, wooden or fiber container, non-flammable and shockproof, equipped with reliable locks;
  • weapons are transported for sporting purposes;
  • ammunition is packaged and separate from the weapon and their weight does not exceed 5 kg together with container for one passenger, packed separately from it.

Explosive munitions fall under the category of dangerous goods and are transported ONLY as cargo in accordance with applicable rules and requirements.

,strong.Unpacked weapons for transportation on Belavia aircraft are not accepted.

One set of weapons includes one container with a gun (or several rifles belonging to one passenger) and one container with ammunition. The weight of one set of weapons including the weight of ammunitions (no more than 5 kg of ammunition is allowed per passenger, together with a container) shall not exceed 23 kg.

The weapons are not included into free baggage allowance.

The charge for the transportation of one set of weapons is 50 EUR / 60 USD / 50 GBP*.

* Rate in USD is applicable only for Israel, rate in GBP – only for Great Britain. For all other territories the rate in EUR is applicable.

The transportation of weapons and ammunition requires prior approval of the Airline no later than 36 hours before departure time.

Please note that you must arrive at check-in in advance, no later than an hour and a half before scheduled departure. On registration passengers shall have permission form authorized state authorities confirming the right of ownership and accommodation right as well as the permit of the respective state authorities confirming the right for outbound/inbound of the weapon.

Packaging requirements for weapons and ammunition

The owner of the weapon is responsible for the packaging of the transported weapons and ammunition, which must meet the following requirements:

  • all firearms, pneumatic and gas weapons must be discharged, with an empty chamber, with a separated magazine and in disassembled form (if possible);
  • short-barreled firearms, cold steel should be properly packaged in special boxes or containers;
  • long-barreled weapons (non-lethal weapons with a length of more than 80 cm) must be packed in strong containers / pencil cases made of wood, metal, fiberglass, etc., with reliable locks and locks.

Ammunition must be packed:

  • separate from firearms;
  • in standard, reliable factory packaging, protecting cartridges from impacts, any movement and the possibility of spontaneous blasting.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to combine the norms of ammunition carried by several passengers.