What is electronic ticket (e-ticket)?

Electronic ticket - is an air ticket, that is issued not on the hard- copy form, but is registered electronically, and all information about the journey is held in the airline reservation system.

E-ticket is a document, certifying the contract of the air transportation, agreed between a passenger and the airline.

The advantages of the e-ticket are:

  1. it can’t be forgotten or lost;
  2. more accelerated check-in procedure to the flight, as the check-in and reservation systems are connected;
  3. time saving because of no necessity to address to the ticket office for traffic documents execution;
  4. the possibility to acquire an e-ticket for yourself, as well as for your relatives, friends and business partners by the Internet from any point of the world.

E-ticket can be acquired on the web-site of the airline www.belavia.by, in the ticket offices of Belavia or from the agents and can be paid by credit card or by cash.

E-ticket is formed immediately after the reservation procedure and the payment. As the conformation of the purchase the passenger is getting a passenger itinerary receipt by e-mail or directly from the transportation sales agent.

A passenger itinerary receipt contains the full information about the journey, the form and the details of the transportation payment. (It is recommended to print it and to keep during the whole journey).

Changes, concerning the date of the departure/ arrival, the route of the journey can be made in the e-ticket, also the passenger has the right to return it back according to the tariff terms by which it was obtained.