«Alfa-Belavia» Service

«Alfa-Belavia» Service – is the service that helps you to collect «Belavia Leader» points easily – by making daily payments by a card Alfa-Bank – and use these points for redeeming award tickets.

Points are credited monthly depending on non-cash transactions by a card accessed to «Alfa-Belavia» Service. Points are credited with regard to a card type and type of transactions reported in a card account for month.

Points are collected for every transaction as follows:

1,25 points[1] = 1 Euro – for Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite, Mastercard Black Edition Cards, Visa Smart Signature and others.

1 point[1] = 1 Euro – for all other Card types.

  1. non-qualified points.

The service may be applied in every Alfa-Bank Retail office, via «Alfa-Consultant» contact-center by phone 198 and +375(29/33/44) 733-33-32 or via online-bank “Alfa-Click”.

Points are not credited for cash withdrawals, money transfers and other transactions. More information about the provision of «Alfa-Belavia» services is available on the website of CJSC «Alfa-Bank» in Annex 7a to the Integrated Banking Service Agreement for Individuals in CJSC «Alfa-Bank».

You can get more detailed information on bank website alfabank.by.