«Alfa-Belavia» Service

«Alfa-Belavia» Service – is the service that helps you to collect «Belavia Leader» points easily – by making daily payments by a card Alfa-Bank – and use these points for redeeming award tickets.

Points are credited monthly depending on non-cash transactions by a card accessed to «Alfa-Belavia» Service. Points are credited with regard to a card type and type of transactions reported in a card account for month.

Points are collected for every transaction as follows:

1,25 points[1] = 1 Euro – for Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite, Mastercard Black Edition Cards.

1 point[1] = 1 Euro – for all other Card types.

The service may be applied in every Alfa-Bank Retail office, via «Alfa-Consultant» contact-center by phone 198 and (29/33/44) 733-33-32 or via online-bank “Alfa-Click”.

Points are not credited for cash withdrawals, money transfers and other transactions. Detailed information can be found here.

More detailed information is available on the bank’s website.

Special offer “Grab it” on purchasing tickets at promo fares is launched for the holders of Alfa-Bank cards with the Alfa-Belavia service activated. More…

  1. non-qualified points.