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Briefly about the company:

Belavia – Belarusian Airlines takes the leading position in passenger air transportations on the Belarusian market. The airport of location – National airport Minsk. Performs flights to 47 airports of 28 countries of Europe and Asia. Founded on 5th of March 1996. From 1997 is a full member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), from 2010 is a member of European Regions Airline Association (ERAA).


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Tel.: +375 17 328-68-06
Mob.: +375 33 670-41-67
Press secretary: Volha Shchuko


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The procedure of requesting information from the press service

Make a query addressed to Director General Anatoly Gusarov on
Specify in your query:

  • main theme;
  • list of the questions;
  • answers’ format (a talk or written answers to the questions);
  • when, where and in what context will the information be used;
  • your contact information.


The procedure of requesting photo- or video shooting

Make an official query on your organization’s blank addressed to Director General Anatoly Gusarov on
Specify in your letter:

  • aim of shooting;
  • scenario;
  • date and time needed with time limits for shooting;
  • shooting group participants;
  • your contact information.