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16 October 2009

Belgium has become closer

Now you can get to Belgium with Belavia any day during the week except Thursday and Sunday flying to Paris or Amsterdam. Thus, if you have planned your trip on Tuesday or Friday, it is more convenient to buy tickets on the regular flight Minsk - Paris and spending 90 minutes by train – you are in Brussels.

Belavia’s clients can visit Belgium on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday owing to the inaugurated Minsk - Amsterdam flight. After arrival at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and after purchasing a train ticket directly in the airport the passengers will reach Brussels in 2 hours 26 minutes, and Antwerp - the capital of diamonds - only in 104 minutes. High - speed train departs every hour from the platform that is situated under the Schiphol Airport.

Starting from December 13, a new high - speed section that connects the Netherlands and Belgium will be launched. As a result the travel time will be reduced by 1 hour.

More information could be seen on the web - site of the Netherlands’ rail carrier is

It is very easy to plan your trip to Belgium with Belavia flying on direct flights to Paris and Amsterdam as all fares can be combined and you can choose any day for your journey: traveling to Brussels via Paris you can come back via Amsterdam, and vice versa.

Travelling by train in combination with direct Minsk - Paris/ Minsk - Amsterdam flights is the most speedy and convenient method of going to Belgium - the country that gave the world Bruegel, Rubens, Van Dyck , the country where the first comic books appeared and even the museum of its history was opened, and also no one will be indifferent to the delicate dishes of the first - class restaurants and the world famous chocolate.

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