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27 October 2009

Culinary tourism in the north of Italy

Tired of nasty November weather? Belavia is happy to give you an opportunity to stay in warm summer mood and visit a place where all your dreams come true… Italy!

November is traditionally considered to be a quiet season before upcoming winter holidays. But Italy – a world-recognized Mecca of culinary tourism – in autumn hosts a wide range of gastronomic festivals where one can enjoy typical dishes cooked as nowhere else on the planet. Lombardy, one of the northern regions of Italy, offers a TOP5 of culinary events worth visiting in November:

  • Open day in the olive «mills». Visits to the olive «mills», tasting of olive oil, local dishes and wine sampling. November 8, 14, 21- Sirmione
  • Cotecchino festival. Tasting of traditional pork sausage ’cotecchino’, as well as other local dishes of the river Po region. November 1-4, Casalmaggiore
  • Chilly pepper eaters’ tournament. The “hottest” event of the year. The participants will try to break the existing record: 800 gr. in 30 minutes. November 10, Albese con Cassano, pizzeria Pesce Vela.
  • Ancient recipes of Brianza. Recipes, ingredients and products cooked in an inimitable atmosphere according to the traditions that haven’t been changed for centuries. November 22, Montevecchia.
  • Cheese of the Year – the fair awaited by the best producers in the sphere. The event has become very popular among gourmets due to the possibility to taste the rarest sorts of cheese. November 13-16, Cremona.

 With direct Belavia flight you will get to Milan, the capital of Lombardy, in just 170 minutes. From there you can easily reach any location listed above. In autumn, Belavia offers promotional fares on its flights to Italy – from 247 euros for a return ticket including airport charges and taxes. Moreover, in November, your frequent flyer card Belavia Leader will be credited with double quantity of points for your flights Minsk-Milan-Minsk and Minsk-Rome-Minsk.

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