Belavia news

29 October 2009

Belavia demonstrated its conformity with the IOSA standards.

Belavia-Belarusian Airlines achieved its conformity with the international operational safety and quality standards again after the IOSA Audit of the airline conducted by an International Audit Organization in June 2009, and thus maintained its status as an IOSA Operator on the IOSA Registry of the IATA.

IOSA is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system of an airline’s areas of operations that directly contribute to its operational safety. Designed by IATA, it is based on the regulatory requirements of ICAO, CAA of States as well as on the best industry practices. In line with the IATA General Assembly Resolutions and under the IOSA Programme all IATA Member Airlines must demonstrate their conformity with high operational safety and quality standards every two years to maintain the IATA membership.

The IOSA Registration of Belavia was renewed till November 2, 2011. The airline proved out again the high level of safety and quality of its activities.

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