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16 November 2009

Purchasing of Belavia air tickets through the Internet is already possible!

Starting from November 11, 2009 the first air ticket of Belavia was acquired through the Internet on the web-site of the airline. It was booked and paid by credit card by the means of “Raschet” system- the United Payment Information Area.

The first lucky ticket, acquired through the web - site of the airline issued on the itinerary Minsk – Moscow - Minsk in the economy class. Its owner is Zaharov Sergey, whose Internet purchase really brought luck to him: Belavia has upgraded the level of service up to the economy class on the flight for which the ticket had been acquired. Moreover, the passenger is an active participant of the Frequent Flyer Programme “Belavia Leader”, and, because of the air tickets sales commencement through the Internet the airline has upgraded the level of his participation within this Programme up to the silver level. It will allow the passenger during the following year to use such privileges as the increased baggage allowance, check-in at business - class counters, servicing of the passenger at the business lounge of the airport departure terminals.

Belavia Belarusian Airlines jointly with the “Raschet” system of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has introduced the new service of the air ticket acquisition on the web- site of the airline without the necessity to address to the ticketing office, and we hope, that the present service will be widely used by the passengers of the airline in the regions of the country, as payment points of the “Raschet” system are situated practically in all population centers of the Republic of Belarus, where the branches of the commercial banks- the participants of the “Raschet” system are presented. Belavia passengers got the opportunity to buy tickets not only in the ticketing offices of the airline or from the air transportation sales agents, but also by credit cards through the payment terminals or cash machines, by means of Internet- banking and web- money. The search of the optimal route, booking and air tickets purchase are made directly in the real - time mode in contrast to the multistep procedure of work with telephone calls and long communication with the managers by e-mail.

*The “Raschet” system is the United Payment Information Area that was created by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. It was introduced into the operation in 2008. The system is oriented on providing the payers with all-inclusive service by the principle of “single window”, to reduce the costs for the operation processing of services payments, to provide the possibility of services payments through the payment agents from any region. More detailed information about the system is presented on the web- site

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