Belavia news

16 December 2009

Belavia ON AIR- on the board of the flag carrier

Belavia Belarusian Airlines constantly strives for perfection. It concerns modernization of the air fleet, compliance with the strict international safety standards, standards of quality and ecological compatibility. Much attention is given to the service of clients on the boards of the airplane, as it is necessary not only to transport a client to any point of destination, but to provide the maximum comfort for the passenger during the flight. For the purpose of passengers care the new monthly inflight magazine of Belavia Belarusian Airlines “Belavia ON AIR” was created.

Now the passengers may get acquainted with little-known facts about the cities and countries, culture and customs of peoples, architecture and history. Every month our clients will be informed about the world cultural events, new technologies, scientific achievements. With our new inflight magazine your time flight will go lightly.

The first edition of Belavia ON AIR is already on the board

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