Belavia news

04 August 2010

SHEREMETYEVO Airport Cancels Shuttle Buses Between Terminals

As of the 1st of August 2010 (Sunday) the Sheremetyevo international airport is going to cancel special shuttle buses on the route between the terminals of the southern (D, E, F) and northern (B and С) sectors of the airport via the outside bypass road. Public buses and taxis will continue functioning as usual.

The decision on cancelling the shuttle buses cruising around the airport territory has been made due to the fact that delivering of passengers along the inner radius had proven to be efficient and advantageous for customers and resulted in decrease in demand for such along the outside bypass road. It takes only 20 minutes for a passenger to get from the Southern Complex (terminals D,E, F and the Aeroexpress railway terminal ) to the terminals of the Northern sector (B,C) and vice versa along the inner road. In so doing there is no risk of traffic jams which are frequent along the outside road between the terminals.

We are reminding that on 30 June 2010 the Sheremetyevo international airport introduced a new transport service. Now the passengers departing from terminals B and С can get to these air terminals free of charge along the airport inside radius directly from the E terminal arrival floor.