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13 October 2010

160 minutes and you are in Amsterdam. Now 4 times a week


How does the windmill work? How many sunflowers did van Gogh draw in his life? You can find pleasant answers for these and many other questions by visiting the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam tourists can find interesting trips along the canals, villages with cheese dairy, windmills and workshop where wooden clogs are made. Little travellers would be amazed with numerous zoos and with the Dutch amusement park Efteling. And as for the football fans they can ‘touch the legend’ and visit a football match at famous football stadium Ajax Arena.

Amsterdam is versatile and hospitable. Do not miss November 6 – Museum Night in Amsterdam. Museums would open their doors since 7 pm until 2 am and all the visitors will be able not only to admire immortal masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh, but also to listen to live music and take part in the performances. All museums direct huge light rays so you can easily find them. You can hardly forget such a night!

And of course one should visit the Netherlands for Christmas. It is considered that on holy night animals here start to speak and the water becomes wine…

It is so pleasant to learn something new… Belavia is ready to help you with that. Starting from November 2010 we operate flights to Amsterdam 4 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday).

Belavia would do its best to provide comfort for passengers during the flights. We are glad to offer you business-class service and corporate programme Belavia Leader.

Our passengers get twenty-four-hour service support. Employees of the company in Minsk and Amsterdam are always glad to help you.

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