Belavia news

09 December 2010

“Belavia” and “Tatarstan” signed an interline agreement

The interline agreement between the national airline company “Belavia” and the airline company “Tatarstan” comes into effect on December, 11 of this year.

According to the terms of the agreement the airlines are authorized to register air transportations on all regular flights of both the partners on their own traffic documents. Thereby, passengers have a possibility to save their time and money buying tickets at the sales offices of “Belavia” and “Tatarstan” for all the regular flights of the cooperating companies. The recently signed agreement affords passengers more opportunities to plan their journeys and to choose a preferable airline company. Interline agreements are an indication of fiduciary relations between the airline companies that concluded it.

Currently the airline company “Belavia” has concluded about 50 interline agreements with the world leading air carriers, with more than 20 interline electronic tickets agreements among them.

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